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  1. TootsMalone

    4 piece bass

    I'm just trying to document the build really. That's what i was doing over in the hardbait section but was told it wasn't the place for photo updates. Not trying to break any rules here was just really trying to use it as a sort of "build thread" to document the ups and downs of build a new (for me) design. I try to answer all of my own questions through searching and have gone back about 95 pages in the hardbait section just reading and absorbing. Can i post videos here in the gallery as well? I do have some decent videos of some redesigns iv'e made to my crappie. All shot in Resin White for your viewing pleasure haha.
  2. TootsMalone

    4 piece bass 2.0

    Thanks man. This is my first multi jointed bait but i have made a few single joint glide baits before this one.
  3. TootsMalone

    4 piece bass 2.0

    Started on the face after some prototyping on a scrap body.
  4. TootsMalone

    4 piece bass 2.0

    Just a profile shot of the new bass.
  5. TootsMalone

    4 piece bass

    Thanks man. The new edition will look better. Thanks Dave. I already have a new body cut out and sanded down with much better proportions. I matched the proportions to a popular 4 piece bait that rhymes with mucca scad. This new one also has a fatter head with narrower body and tail to keep the mass down in the rear. I like to use jb kwik wood if i need any putty since it still carves nicely and i am not too familiar with carving on bondo. (done a few auto body patches with the stuff though). I have actually watched that video in this whole process of redoing this bait and a few of your other water test videos. The hinges on the new one will not be V shaped at all this time around. I plan on sanding in the grooves for the hinges with a Dremel and filling and cracks or voids after fitting with kwik wood to smooth things out. The joints already get sanded and rounded a bit so there are no square edges to bind on. the resin this will ultimately be cast is tends to be very slick on the surface so that should help. I'll post some new pics shortly of the new body. I don't have any of the prototyped body I've been testing all this stuff on. Thanks again for all the advice!
  6. Haha gotta be good at adapting to mistakes with lure making. If not it would just be too darn discouraging. I wish i didnt have to tape it, but the silicone seeps between the bricks if i dont and i hate using more clay than i absolutely have to.
  7. Oh man that is rough. I got real close to forgetting mold release the other night but caught it at the last second. I do keep forgetting to tape around my boxes to seal them until after i pour the silicone. I have had to resort to writing out a check list for all of my processes so i don't forget anything. Heating up molds before pouring resin is another part i keep forgetting.
  8. TootsMalone

    4 piece bass

    Thanks man It is going to be a master used to make molds. But, unfortunately this one is just about dead. the proportions were all off and it doesn't really move the way i want it to. A new body has been cut and i'll put pics up once it looks a little less like a lump of wood.
  9. Thanks guys for your help. Im going to try and salvage this one by digging small divots in the flat surfaces but will also pour a new one with the indexing nubs while the master is still in the clay.
  10. thanks wayne! I thought about doing exactly what you mentioned. May have to give it a try. I thankfully only poured one side so far. But its pretty thin at about only a lego brick deep.
  11. So i was pouring a new mold last night and discovered i forgot to add the little alignment nubs to line up the two pieces while casting. Is there anything i can do to salvage it? Or just chop it up and use it as filler for the next attempt?
  12. TootsMalone

    4 piece bass

    Progress on my 4 piece bass swimbait
  13. Here’s one after the fins have been trimmed to accommodate the joints.
  14. The joints are all lined up and moving freely. Just need to fill the cavities on the sides of the dowels and some final sanding and she’s ready to test swim and mold.
  15. I’ve seen a guy make aluminum jigs for cutting lexan lips on a band saw. The guy was able to cut a stack of identical lips in minutes. Wish i had more insight to share than that but i’ve never made a lipped bait myself.
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