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  1. I have a used Basstackle 7.5 inch paddle tail worm mold for sale. It is $85 shipped to anyone in the U.S.
  2. I am thinking about getting back into making soft plastics. I did it and enjoyed making the baits but I was worried about the fumes. I have seen that an organic vapor mask works best when making soft plastics. If I am using that and working outside with a fan to blow away fumes would I have to be concerned about the fumes effecting me? Also would this be a good mask to use: https://www.thomassci.com/Laboratory-Supplies/Respirators/_/5000-Series-Organic-Vapor/Acid-Gas-Respirators?q=Organic Vapor Respirator Thanks for the help
  3. I use super thin super glue with all of my crankbaits. I use it for bills, line ties, and hook hangers and I have never had one pull out. You can also put baking soda on first and then add the super glue and it will make it even stronger.
  4. lm22

    Hard Bodied Frog

    I am thinking about making a top water hard bodied frog out of balsa wood. My plan is to cut a rough profile on the band saw, shape and sand, and then cut a slot and add a 3/0 or 4/0 worm hook on the back. I am trying to get a walking action out of this bait. Should I add more weight to the back of the frog or a small amount to the front to balance it out a little bit?
  5. lm22

    Molding A Crankbait

    Thanks for the advice. What silicone and casting resin would you recommend?
  6. I have made a crank bait out of Balsa that I like the action of. I have a template that I made of the side profile, but I can't make the crank bait body exactly the same from wood. Can you make molds of a crank bait body out of silicone and then make them out of resin. If so, how would I get the lip and weight into the crankbait? What silicone and resin would be best for it?
  7. I actually ended up just getting a cheap bandsaw off Amazon and use it to cut the shape and lip slot out. It's worked good so far. If I ever try to start producing a lot of lures at a time I'll probably just make a mold of the bait and cast it in resin.
  8. Does KBS Diomond Clear need to be stored in a mason jar to keep it from going bad or am I fine just putting the lid back on it?
  9. What is the best way to put weight in a crankbait without a lead pot?
  10. I am new to making wooden lures. I have gotten decent at shaping the baits. But every time I try to cut a lip slot I end up ruining the bait. I know a band saw is usually used to cut lip slots. But I was trying to find something that works but is cheaper, while I am still figuring out how to make baits.
  11. I have been struggling to find a place where I can purchase balsa wood? My local hobby stores never have it in stock. Is there anywhere online where I could purchase balsa?
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