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  1. lm22

    Molding A Crankbait

    Thanks for the advice. What silicone and casting resin would you recommend?
  2. I have made a crank bait out of Balsa that I like the action of. I have a template that I made of the side profile, but I can't make the crank bait body exactly the same from wood. Can you make molds of a crank bait body out of silicone and then make them out of resin. If so, how would I get the lip and weight into the crankbait? What silicone and resin would be best for it?
  3. I actually ended up just getting a cheap bandsaw off Amazon and use it to cut the shape and lip slot out. It's worked good so far. If I ever try to start producing a lot of lures at a time I'll probably just make a mold of the bait and cast it in resin.
  4. Does KBS Diomond Clear need to be stored in a mason jar to keep it from going bad or am I fine just putting the lid back on it?
  5. What is the best way to put weight in a crankbait without a lead pot?
  6. I am new to making wooden lures. I have gotten decent at shaping the baits. But every time I try to cut a lip slot I end up ruining the bait. I know a band saw is usually used to cut lip slots. But I was trying to find something that works but is cheaper, while I am still figuring out how to make baits.
  7. I have been struggling to find a place where I can purchase balsa wood? My local hobby stores never have it in stock. Is there anywhere online where I could purchase balsa?
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