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  1. I need some help. Which bender will do both spinner baits and inline spinners. I was going to just make some inline but I was talking to my son and he wants to make some spinner baits so I guess I’m going to get a wire bender looking for a good one that will last and make both baits thinks for any help or advice. And any help on mold choices
  2. Thanks just trying to get better. Like trying different ideas. Sometimes I’ll see something and think that might work. But it’s still a learning experience. But very relaxing. I have an idea of combining a hand tie and inline spinner that’s why I posted about making the spinners in the other forum. Appreciate the feed back
  3. Just tied these up and was wanting some critics on them. What can I do better. Figure the best way to learn is to ask. Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the help. I’ll check out the ones y’all recommend. I’d live to visit Alaska but have never been there
  5. If I wanted a bender to do some inline and some spinner baits for bass which would you recommend. Thanks
  6. Ya I was looking at some and they where just using pliers might try that
  7. Also will a bender for spinner baits work. My son was wanting to start making spinner baits. Thanks
  8. I’m wanting something like a rooster tail but in 1/32. There’s not a wire bender that just twists the wire?
  9. I’m wanting to make some inline spinners size 1/32 and 1/16 oz. no hook just a small quick connect to attach a jig to. What will I need. I’ve never made spinners so I’m starting with nothing. I know I’ll need wire but I have no idea what size or where and what kind of mold I’ll need. Wanting to mold the weight to the spinners if possible thanks for any help or advice.
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