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  1. Thank you I'll do that, you will be hearing from me in the fall lol
  2. Yeah I'm more of a bass guy though lol I only fish for salmon in the great lakes when they are staging in the lake getting ready to go up river, imo fishing for them in the river is just flossing
  3. Thanks man! Still don't have much of a selection, be nice if they had some flat eyes for marabou
  4. Yes you're right My bad
  5. Real hot topic here eh lolz The reason I ask is because lead is on the way out here in Canada, it won't be long before all baits must be lead free
  6. Northern Rage


    Hi everyone I'm looking for a source for a variety of bare tungsten jigs to tie on. Any recent? TIA
  7. Hi everyone I found this forum from a gent named Smalljaw and I'm grateful for it. A few months ago I was given some lure making stuff it looks like it's mainly for Salmon and Trout but I'm a Bass and Pike angler so I thought I could use it for that, looking forward to learning how to tie maribou and hair jigs and meeting fellow anglers Pleased to meet you all
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