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  1. fishordie79

    The Maniac Perch

    Pike food it is, or so I hope Thank you @Ryan V
  2. @mark poulson Man that is a great idea! I'll have to see if I can get something similar in metric diameters over here and give it try.
  3. @Anglinarcher thanks man I was thinking that it wasn't a requirement but I honestly had built several before the thought crossed my mind so I thought I would ask. Thanks again!
  4. @Big Epp linke @Brick Steel said above I also use a 6 gallon compressor. Works great and has a built in regulator with water trap. I usually just turn it on and let it fill up, which takes about a minute and a half I guess, then I turn it off and use it until empty. Depending on the paint scheme it can sometimes get me through an entire bait before I need to turn it on to fill up again.
  5. Good comments by all here. I do what @Vodkamandoes. Clamp two pieces of equally sized hardwood together, then mark equally distanced spots along the long edge where the two pieces meet. Drill holes along these marks using different diameters of bits (10mm, 8mm, and 6mm work for me) down to whatever depth you would like your lead blank to be and then pour your lead. I make mine longer and then use a box cutter to cut them down to whatever size I need. Sounds strange but just place your box cutter on the blank and apply pressure while rolling the box cutter towards and away from you. You’ll cut
  6. Hey TU Folks, I recently got into molding wooden masters for replication purposes. As often happens I was sitting at work today and my mind wandered off into the land of bait making and I thought of something I haven't asked or seen asked, that I can remember, on this site or any other. Do resin copies require sealing before paint and epoxy? Thanks to all for any valuable info you can provide! Tight lines!
  7. @eastman03 What I do is to use the "Stroke" function in Photoshop, not sure what it is called in Gimp, to make a thick black outline around the eye. This does two things: 1. It gives the eye a cool "shading" effect, and 2. it gives you something to align the leather punch with. The thicker you make the stroke the more forgiving it is when punching them out. . My leather punch has a slot or chamber I guess you could call it that allows me to look down into it when placing over the eye. It still takes a bit of practice to get a good alignment but after you've done a few alignment gets easi
  8. @Skeeter I have a bottle of it that came with the airbrush. The guys above helped me figure out what was going on. Works like a charm again.
  9. If those are your first baits man you are well on your way! They look great. In my day job I am a network engineer so I can appreciate the fact that you used the two sides from an old computer case for your painting booth. That's awesome man:) You have for sure found yourself in the land of bait makers here. Everyone here is extremely helpful and listening to their advice will only make you better at this amazing hobby. There have been so many good tips provided here and I'd like to give you a couple as well. Just a couple of tips to make things easier for you I guess. I used to have HP
  10. Man that is awesome! I love it. Coming up with solutions that fit your situation. Great work and enjoy your new bandsaw brother!
  11. Understood. That is the only time I have done the body and I did so to rule out any paint stuck down in the trigger chamber. Now that it is functioning properly again and I know how to remedy it should the trigger stick again I won't be doing that again.
  12. @ravenlures One question for you. When you dip the airbrush into the soapy water how do you get the chamber and other pertinent parts completely dry so that your paints don't mix with water? Do you just dip it and then blow all of the excess water out until its dry?
  13. @exx1976 That was it man!! Broke the airbrush down, soaked it for 5 minutes (every part) in restorer, rinsed and dried it and put it back together. The trigger was still sticking. Then I broke out the oil and put a drop into the chamber. Bam! No more sticking. Thank goodness! That was becoming really damn annoying. Thanks for the suggestion man! @ravenlures Thanks for the tip man! Now that you mention it I saw Nate from Marling Baits doing the same thing and made a mental note to try it but it got lost in the sauce somewhere and I never did. Thanks for reminding me. I'll for sure give tha
  14. I have nothing to add to this other than I hope you are successful. Good luck man!
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