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  1. That really made my day, got a big hucho on a homemade floating mouse. Must make some more
  2. How long shall it take to dry depends on epoxy used. It should state on the packaging how long does it take to cure. They start from 2min and up. It is nothing unusual if your lures are sticky after 12 hours if you used a long curing epoxy. Then, there is the temperature, if it is cold it takes longer, if it is warm/hot, less. When i am in a hurry, i place my lures above or even between the slots of an oil radiator. It shortens the time dramatically, but epoxy will run, so you have to have this in mind. Again, one should be carefull about fire hazard. DanubeSalmon
  3. It will cure faster if you shall put it in a warm/hot place (just be carefull not to start a fire). However it will also make it flow better before it hardens so have this in mind.
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