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  1. Cardoff

    The Viking Diver 2

    LOL! I made a Greenbay one too. Waiting on lips from the muskyshop. I will post it as soon as they come. Figured it would be fun to troll them side by side.
  2. Cardoff

    The Viking Diver 1

    © Copyright ©2019 - Chad G Ardoff

  3. Cardoff

    The Viking Diver 2

    © Copyright ©2019 - Chad G Ardoff

  4. Cardoff

    The Viking Diver 3

    © Copyright ©2019 - Chad G Ardoff

  5. Cardoff

    Cedar Squarebills 10.jpg

    You are a steady hand with the brush! I have a long way to go. Thanks for the inspiration.
  6. Cardoff

    Foiled Muskie Glider

    The weight location is a tricky deal. Different for different lures. Spooks are rear weighted. Cranks are mostly front weighted. Some spread it all along the body. Carefully watching Marling and Solar baits really helped me. I have bricked more than a few trying different locations. It really takes some trial and error. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa-xsrfvLmgaUfPFE1TK7OQ/videos https://www.youtube.com/user/SolarBaits/videos
  7. Cardoff

    Plumb Crazy 3

    © Copyright 2019 Chad G. Ardoff All rights reserved.

  8. Cardoff

    Plumb Crazy 2

    © Copyright 2019 Chad G. Ardoff All rights reserved.

  9. Cardoff

    Plumb Crazy

    © Copyright 2019 Chad G. Ardoff All rights reserved.

  10. Cardoff

    5 1/2 in Muskie Frog

    The pattern is from some hair ribbon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RW7N9TD I made a bunch of these and I just cannot screw them up. As hard as I try they all work great. Sink right and wiggle like crazy. The trick is the taper to the body and the weight forward in the belly. The lure starts at 1" wide and tapers down to 1/2" at the tail starting at just behind the center hook hanger.
  11. Cardoff


    Still a great looking bait!
  12. Cardoff

    Foiled Muskie Glider

    Great questions! The lure itself weighs 4.23 ounces. It is made out of clear / dry pine. It is a more or less scaled up version of a Tackle Industries Osky. I really like that bait, but it is a bit smaller than I would like. I scaled everything up by 1/2 inch all the way around and took some liberties with the head. Mine has a sharper arch. The width is also 3/4 in instead of 1/2 in. I made a couple of weight molds out of some old 1 x 2 oak I had laying around. I basically clamp the 1 x 2's together and drilled a series of holes right on the the line where they come together. These are 1 in deep and are drilled using a 3/8 in bit. I then weighted this glider in the belly on either side of the center hook hanger. To sort out exactly how much weight is needed. I drill a hole about 1/2 in to the front of and behind the hook hanger on the center line using the 3/8 bit I used to make the mold. I then insert a molded weight into each hole and start cutting them down until the bait sinks very slowly with the hooks attached. To get the correct angle I looked closely at the Osky as it sank and matched the angle to that. Once I have it sorted I sink the hole to the same length as the weight and glue it in. Here is where I got the Osky from: https://tackleindustries.com/product-category/jerkbaits_gliders/osky_glider/
  13. Cardoff

    Foiled Muskie Glider

    Made of Pine. Made my own eyes.

    © Copyright © 2019 Chad G. Ardoff. All Rights Reserved.

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