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  1. Thank you for the insight. I am in experimentation phase now. Mocked up a POP pour mold and poured acetoxy silicone thinned with odorless mineral spirits. so far, the cured silicone seems pretty tough and has the flex i'm looking for. That's a positive. The negatives are that the silicone takes 48 hours to cure and the silicone (DAP from the hardware store) is not very cheap. I am ordering the hard plastisol from LureWorks and will give that a try next. Is there a way to get silicone to cure faster? And will plastisol colorants work in silicone? Thanks, AL
  2. I do understand that soft plastic baits being tough and durable is an kind of an oxymoron, but what would I use to make them as tough as possible? Is the saltwater plastisol the most durable option?
  3. New guy here hoping to learn something from you way more experienced guys. I'm trying to make a super durable soft plastic bait. I need a 12 inch salt water bait (like a giant senko) that can withstand an attack by a hungry school of sharks. Well, as close as possible. Still need it to slide on a jig head hook, and still need the tail to have some action. I'm looking for a tough durable flexible plastic that I can inject into a mold. I don't know much about soft plastics at all but I'm trying to find a solution. I'm learning a lot from this forum! I just can't seem to find a discussion on the topic. Any chance you guys would share some of your knowledge and steer me in the right direction on how to achieve the toughest plastic possible?? Thanks for your insight, Al
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