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    "Tutti Frutti" colour set

    Correct ddl - I am from Australia and these lures are designed to target freshwater species, mainly Murray Cod and Yellowbelly (or Golden Perch)
  2. Thanks for the input fellas. Looks like I will run with the original thought - making a mold for both!
  3. Barndog

    "Blueberry" colour set

    "Blueberry" colour set. All are made from western red cedar and have aluminium bibs.
  4. Barndog

    "Tutti Frutti" colour set

    "Tutti Frutti" colour set. All are made from western red cedar and have aluminium bibs.
  5. Barndog

    Bungo (with stingers upgrade)

    "Bungo" wakebait. 100mm body (just under 4 inches). Made from western red cedar, aluminium lip
  6. Barndog

    jointed bait2.jpg

    Unreal! Love it. I have had a leopard shark pattern on my list of "must do paint jobs" for a while now. You have done a GREAT job, and have inspired me to have a crack sooner rather than later. Did you use masking to do the spots?
  7. Hi everyone I'm a new user, this is my first post. Have been doing a lot of reading and looking at the different threads, so much great info on this forum! I have made a 2 piece glide / swimbait from Western Red Cedar. Weighted to be slow sinking (approx 3.5oz total weight) and is a touch over 6 inches long. I made 2 versions - one has a wake lip and the other one does not. My question is - what difference is there between the 2? Why do some bait builders put a wake lip on and others don't? What is the benefit in having a lip, and conversely what is the benefit of not having one? With regards to the 2 I have made, the only difference I can see is in the swimming action. The wake version has a tighter wiggle as opposed to the wider s-shape glide of the no-lip version. I'm hoping to make a mold of this bait but unsure of which one to go with. I'm really happy with both versions in terms of how they sit in the water and how they perform on the retrieve, just wondering if there is an obvious reason (that I can't see) to choose one version over the other?? Thanks in advance, looking forward to any suggestions! Cheers Dan
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