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  1. I suppose you could seal it inside and out. Then slip it on a piece of wire or plastic that you coated with a lubricant like oil ect.
  2. It would cut up easy with a grinder and a cutting wheel. Then put in trash bags and put it out a bit at a time with your trash. Not hard at all.
  3. seakarp


    Nice! I've been thinking of something similar. can we get a couple of pics out of the water? Thanks.
  4. For wood poplar. For a different approach, I've made some out of sculpty clay that dries very quickly in the oven. You could mold it up by hand then put in details while its' soft or just make it smooth then bake it and cut the details in with a dremel. Pvc trim board is also a carving option. Hmmmm, what to do?
  5. Hey Fern, It looks like the lead head that you are using is pretty big. Its stressing the plastic. Shaving it down a bit, or going with a slimmer one should fix the issue. Moving stuff around a little, rather than getting too caught up, is often the better option.
  6. Nice. I just got some sculpty bake dry clay to mess with as a way to make a quick original for molding, but I like this type of use as well. Thanks for sharing that.
  7. Power carvers rule!
  8. I have found that the trick to using the fan trick is to be quite close to the door, garage door ect., and placing the fan so that the back of the fan is near the lead or soft plastic ect and the blowing side is aimed out the door, not at the lead/plastic ect. . So trying to be more clear about this, what you want is the airflow going into the back of the fan to be near the fumes and then have it blown out of the garage by the front of the fan. So you are exhausting the fumes. Then you can adjust the force by adjusting the speed of the fan and how close it is to the offending fumes. Works for me. Cheers.
  9. If you want to get a bunch of weight, shotgun shell shot is a good option. You can get a 25 pound bag of I think it's #6 from bass proshops for about $50. It can be used as is, or melts down nicely if want to go that route in the future, to fill holes or make jigs and spoons ect.
  10. You can also make or buy a stencil with little holes, maybe in different sizes, to speed the process along if you're doing a bunch of them. The trout patterns are definitely cool.
  11. You could probably, measure, cut it with a snipper and pound it a bit with a hammer if needed. Maybe roll it. Something along those lines.
  12. Fusion x has a ton of very cheap molds.
  13. Maybe try taking the whole thing to a plumbing supply place and seeing if they can fit it with the proper size o ring.
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