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  1. DGagner

    Resin peeling

    I took this from the FAQ page at the site where you buy your resin. It would seem that it's a standard 1:1 mixture of epoxy resin similar to what is available anywhere. Before I move to UV resin I used epoxy, another brand but epoxy I found it to be very good. I simply moved to UV because of the convenience. I'm not sure what's up with yours but epoxies I've used have been good. Can I use ArtResin to coat fishing lures? Using ArtResin Epoxy Resin on a Fishing Lure Yes. ArtResin epoxy resin is very durable and waterproof. Once cured, the resin is inert and therefore does not pose a threat to aquatic life. Although it can be indented with a fingernail in the first few days after curing, it is not typically able to be indented after the first 72 hour window. ArtResin epoxy resin has been shown in third party lab tests to outperform other epoxy resins in terms of non-yellowing longevity, resulting in a realistic-looking lure that will last.
  2. Just about time to take the boat out of the water here in Maine. Sort of glad, sort of sad. Sad because it's my time to stop for the season, from the boat anyway. Glad because it's been a sh-ty year for fishing here. They lowered the lake super low to repair the dam last fall. Boy did that mess things up. This lake is really a 4.5 mile stream that was dammed up and flooded for now defunct textile mills. We've got moving water that regularly replenishes itself. That's good but devastates if it's drained.
  3. I understand. It's an interesting approach. And a novel idea. If built It might have that hunting action during retrieve. I just think as a mental exercise It's always fun and novel to contemplate, which is what is going on here, but I'm just pointing out that it should be simpler to achieve by other methods. It would be fascinating to work on an airplane that works by flapping wings, but it is be easier to obtain flight by other methods. Still the mental exercise, like is being done here, is fun. Simply that I love this idea should it work or not. In reality though, the actual development isn't necessary.
  4. Hmmm.... I've followed this but don't really understand what the final end goal is beyond a new lure movement. Spinning a lure to initiate a wobble (can't flip it because it's being tethered from the front). I'm wondering that if this is the case there might be easier methods of having it look like the same action by simpler methods. Or rather. This is a 'maybe', but I can get a lure to do this by mistake. I've made deep divers that had the bill and hang point put on wrong. a wobbling spin was the result. Maybe I've missed the point.
  5. Well, a completely flipping lure might not be a desirable thing but the moment of inertia on that axis might be minimized so that it could wobble around that axis. I don't know what the fish would think... but it's certainly interesting.
  6. DGagner

    segmented walking bait

    Today I put together a segmented bait that turned out to be a walking bait. As usual I make everything but the hooks. The video link will show the build from block of wood to getting it wet.
  7. I don't know, I make mine from holographic paper (hobby lobby) and paint them myself. But why not find pictures of fish eyes they sell online and drag them to a painting program where you can resize and duplicate them on paper.
  8. Mounted them on the Surly Mermaid today.
  9. DGagner


    my first Whopper Plopper and it works... surprise! I have the complete build and it in action in the water here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62MwzB5uCIs&feature=youtu.be
  10. Today I found, just about 30 minutes away from me on facebook's site two boat seats with stainless pedestals. $50 for the pair. Nothing wrong with them or broken except they'll need a good cleaning. I looked on Amazon and these particular seats and pedestals are so expensive. The seats, new, are $147 and the pedestals are $207 (each!) This was a score as far as I'm concerned and I'll be ble to put the lawn chairs back on the porch. Very adjustable, swivel, up, down, back and forward. NOTE: I just cleaned them up this afternoon. They are shown as I got them below. Cleaned up I got them back to maybe 90%. Good enough considering the cost. Now, to mount them on the boat.
  11. I can see your point. The lead pot I have lets me put lead in very precisely. If I should put too much I can drill a bit out without having to cover it first.
  12. Using wood it usually takes me about 3-4 hours to complete a bait from drawing to water unless it's segmented, then add another 30 minutes or so per segment. I was wondering how the pvc held up when you drop hot lead into the ballast hole drilled into the bottom. Does it melt or will it stay solid till the lead cools? That would be my only issue in giving pvc a try.
  13. Lot's of choices but I use white pine or cedar (the deck boards are 1" thick) Both woods carve nicely. Hardwoods are denser so the buoyancy characteristics can be tricky and of course they carve harder. I think some woods are more regional. You guys have mentioned some woods I've never used or heard of. They just don't grow here. You can't turn around without running into a white pine tree here in Maine.
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