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  1. Are all injectors interchangeable. For example if I have a Basstackle injector. Can you use it on the A.I. Molds and the Bugmolds with any trouble or any modification that you would have to do?
  2. I like that idea of using the industrial cookie sheets.
  3. Big Bob75


    Trying to get a basic feel for some good color selections for a first time buy. I am getting June bug and Green Pumpkin. What other colors would you all recommend getting to have as a good stock?
  4. Question about the swim bait also. If you get the one with the hook slot are you able to take it out and make is solid?
  5. I was about to post this same question there about which green or blue to get as a starter color.
  6. If you guys are saying that you should skip the Do it molds ones. Which ones are you recommending to get?
  7. Big Bob75


    Quick question for your all. What is the M-F scents? What are some of the other brands for scents?
  8. Thank you for the information there. Will have to check them out. Are there any difference in the the use of the stone molds?
  9. Big Bob75


    Can anyone help out. I am looking for two particular molds. The first is a Gambler Lures EZ Swimmer mold and the second Zoom Craw. I have attached pictures of each. Thank you for your help
  10. Thanks for all the advise there that will help out. I have loads of old baits that i can use first there. I will deft keep the advise of having a log to write everything down also
  11. I am just starting out on making my own plastics. Glad that I was recommend to this site. I have been getting my molds first and found some thanks to you guys. Now I have two questions for your guys. Are you able to mix old baits ie. Zoom and Berkeley together to make more or should you reuse them if they are only the same company with new plastic? Then is there a PDF to print out on colors or is it more trial and error to get colors? Sorry if these are repeat questions.
  12. I would like to get a copy of this also.
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