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  1. This is what he has sent me. The first doesn't give a type in its description, the second is a 2 part SH25 compound.
  2. Will let you know mate. Would have to work out a way to do it in such a way that all the different moulds I have made up. Or just size the smaller ones to an arbitrary dimension. But i can see where you are coming from.... Hopefully in the new year ill have a CNC and i can just do it all in aluminium.
  3. G'day all, Asking a question for a mate back here in Australia who is a bit(Massively) technology inept. He has been attempting to make silicone moulds of some soft jerkshads from one of our Australian makers over here. The problem he is running into is that the silicones wont set, or will get distortions and marks along what should be a smooth surface. I have recommended sealing them with nail polish or silicone, but was wanting to reach out and see if anybody has worked out a best solution for the issue. TIA and best regards. Jake
  4. I definitely appreciate what your saying Dave. Making masters is definitely a viable option and there a number of approaches from just printing the bait, to printing a half injection mould with the master still in it for each side. Surprisingly, injecting at approx 150 deg C / 302 F produces some great baits, with only the warping of the mould to contend with. Ill get 10 - 15 runs of baits through a PLA + mould before the mould starts to bow and get flashing on the baits. There are higher heat filaments available, but my poor little printer cant get the hot bed hot enough for the halves to adhere correctly. For rapid prototyping I definitely prefer just injecting straight into the plastic. When I can reprint a 6 slot mould overnight, the 2 or 3 days of work to make a pop mould is a bit beyond. Especially when i am testing 1 - 4 moulds a week when I get inspired
  5. Been doing it for a few months. I have a basic FDM printer, the ANET A2. I can print moulds and have them inject well with PLA at 0.1mm and 40% fill, but the moulds will warp from the heat over time. Its great for testing ideas, but you do end up with lines from the layers in the final bait. I know some guys who use resin printers, which can print even finer again and they say they get no lines on their baits, but i havent seen the baits close up to be sure.
  6. I'm aware, its why I am ordering now instead of when everything runs out Its still a lot stronger than standard plastisol is it not?
  7. G'day crew, after going through my initial 6 litres (1 and a half gallons) I bought from here in Australia, I am looking at purchasing the easy stretch from MF, as well as some heat stabiliser to make it a bit more manageable. I am under the impression the easy stretch is as close to a Z-man style plastic, whilst still being a plastisol material. (which is probably still miles off) and also for 1 gallon, would I need 2 oz or 1 quart to get through a gallon of the easy stretch. Thanks again for your help guys, Jake
  8. I've made a couple, haven't had any issues of deformation, but I clamp my mould gently between 2 pieces of wood. If you clamped harder the cavity would probably distort or space would appear increasing your chance of flashing.
  9. shipping to Australia hurts... my last order from MF had 100 USD shipping on it, the order I am looking at placing for 5 gallons of dead on plastisol has $485 USD + for shipping :'( I try and load up in hits to try and spread the value out for when I price my baits out. but in the end its still adds 25% + to the price of every color, scent or glitter I order.
  10. I think he may mean did you mix it in the bottle before you poured it into your cup. Ive had the issue with bottles that have sat for ages without being rotated. Usually once I take the first cup out, they get back to what they should be for some unknown reason. Have had it happen now with 3 1 liter bottles in a row. Usually i just keep shaking the origional bottle and adding more bit by bit into the dodgy cup until it wants to behave properly
  11. The confirms it for me. Guess im doing another MF order soon Bugger. Guess I am ordering some oxblood too. That looks awesome!
  12. So to add a bit more information, the first picture isn't a laminate, the colour of the bait changes colour under different light. It sounds like it may be a brown motor oil going off what everyone is saying. At the very least I can give it a go for it. I think that has been made very clear XD
  13. Bang on. Will try that this arvo!
  14. Aint that the truth. The plastisol order I am looking at doing is gonna cost me 3 times more in freight than the product I want to order.
  15. I can understand why you would say that. It can appear a similar motor oil color in the right light. Its more reddish than the motor oil I have. Ive tried mixing motor oil and strawberry, but it doesn't come close. Here is another picture.
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