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  1. Has only been used a few times and is in excellent condition. Shoots great just like any other mold from Angling AI, I just decided to go in a different direction with my dropshot baits. Price includes shipping. Thanks for looking!
  2. One thing I've already learned is do not skimp out on molds. I started out with cheaper ones, and then after buying one angling AI mold, I just can't go back. I think the cheaper molds are a wise choice to use as a gateway to make sure pouring is something for you, but i'm currently wishing I had saved the money I spent on a few of the cheaper molds and invested in higher quality molds.
  3. https://epicbaitmolds.com/ I think they are new to the game, but saw they created a custom mold for Marling Baits. Their current selection looks a tad limited, but they appear to be made with great quality. The site also says that new molds will be added weekly. I'm looking forward to following their journey.
  4. Do we know of any update on this? That would be too bad. They have molds that i've been looking everywhere for.
  5. I'm in a somewhat similar boat as you, Jmericle. Be careful, its very addicting. I have found Worlds Worst Fishing on youtube to be a great resource. In this video he does a great job talking about pouring plastics for the beginning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax8QM6CZvvM I wish I had saw this early on.
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