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  1. Thanks everyone! I was hoping to save some time if there were blanks out there for sale but i might have to try doing it myself! Thanks for all the help!
  2. Lewyslures


    Sorry just noticed that my response autocorrected bait to hair. But how big is this lure? Is it for bass or musky/pike?
  3. Lewyslures


    Awesome looking hair! Did you hand carve this bait or where did you find the blank?
  4. Does anyone know a good place to get wood musky blanks? I am looking to do some topwater plopper baits similar to the top raider or twisted sister. I cant find any info out there on how to make these baits. I am also looking for the closest blank for the megabass 110 for bass. If someone could please offer some insight that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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