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  1. the lead lure bodies were the length of the blade the tungsten's are less than half the size
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies I will try each and see if it gets better The main reason I have been using a heavier wire is due to the debris I fish around in these tiny creeks I used a smaller wire at the beginning and had a ton of bent lures also with the current being so strong I have been trying tungsten to try and get my spinner in those deep holes faster I noticed last year using lead it was harder for me to get my lure down in the front of those deep holes current kept sucking it to the middle or end of the run I really didn't have all these problems with the lead though and the bead
  3. hook 6, wire .035 , body 1/4 oz, (blade size#6(lurepartsonline) pic below
  4. I have been building my own spinners for a little over a year and have used mostly smaller size inline setup but recently started making bigger sizes 6 and up but my question is 70% of my casts with the new built spinners the line wraps around the back of the spinner blade is it a balance problem? tungsten too close behind the blade? I build as bead, blade, bead,tungsten, bead,then hook
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