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  1. And the 6 inch shown in this pic
  2. I have the triple dip, the double dip, the 2.75 from angling AI and the 6 inch from lurecraft.
  3. I have their entire BA Shad molds and they all shoot really good. They swim very good too.
  4. for 1/2 a cup go 1 minute at a time. once it starts to thicken and turn clear i'd probably start microwaving in 30 second intervals so that it doesn't burn. take temp and ensure you're at 350 before shooting it. how many drops? depends on the color you're using and depends on how transparent/opaque you want the color. start with 1 drop considering the amount of plastic youre using. stir it in with a butterknife or something and check the knife to ensure your color looks right to you. you determine how many drops go in depending on how you want your color to look. I dont use salt
  5. I am referring to the numbers like 312 or 362, 142, 242 and so on from Bait Plastics. I do know that the higher the number goes, the harder the plastic but I want to know how they chose those numbers, do they have significance? I reached out to them directly and asked what the significance of that number was and all they told me was that it indicates hardness which for the most part I understood so I asked how they got those numbers and they said "262 = 36/38 & 312 = 43/45". however, i'm no math whiz and didn't understand what this meant. so what are the significance of these numbers
  6. I've been painting painting with powders recently and have played around with different top coats that were recommended to me the last time I posted. The top coat I used on these leave a matte finish but I love how thin it goes on without loosing any texture. I am not a big fan of waiting over night for the finish to dry off and even when it does, it is kind of sticky to the touch for a few days after. Anyone have any top coats that go on this and leave a glossy shine? any top coats that really bring out and maybe even up the saturation of the colors?
  7. I had the same problem with the stuff. Look up my past post about my tubes ripping. I switched to bait plastics and have not had any issues yet.
  8. Thank you very much! one last question. The 50/50 mix, is it by volume or by weight?
  9. Yeah they are. I have been trying to study his work for a while in hopes I can replicate.
  10. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I know nothing about Varnish, PVC Glue, MEK and other chemicals but it all sounds very interesting and something I will dive deeper into to get a better understanding. You mentioned I have to be quick to apply it with a brush, is it because it dries quickly? if I create a liquid solution using this recipe, will it remain liquid as long as I keep it sealed or will it dry out on me in the container? in other words, can I make a small batch of the recipe for use later or should I only make what i am going to use? thanks again.
  11. his facebook if anyone is interested in looking at his work. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Rękodzieło-Wędkarskie-Iras1975-170559506617480/photos/?ref=page_internal
  12. Actually, after reviewing his Facebook post a bit more, I found that he is making his masters out of some sort of hard resin I believe , however someone asked him what the tail in one of his masters was made of and he replied "polycarbonate". As far as his powdered pigments go, I think he is mixing them with some sort of varnish as he mentioned in one of his post that a dilution was made out of varnish. not sure what it is for. I have attached as many pictures as I could that could provide clues to what he is doing.
  13. I’m pretty sure it’s soft plastic from the action in some of his videos. The website is here https://e-przynety.pl/ thank you for your response. How does pvc glue and MEK react with the soft plastic? Does it make a thick layer over the bait? Does it remain flexible? What does mixing PVC Glue with MEK achieve that you cant achieve with just using just PVC Glue or Just MEK? What exactly is MEK? I was wondering if he even clear dipped his baits because if you look closely at some of his baits, they have texture and all of the baits that I have with texture tend to lose it onc
  14. I tried that before but unless you can get super perfect cuts, it'll look really bad.
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