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  1. I believe there is two locations one here in Decatur Alabama or around that area and another in Arkansas. As most of us know, Buddy, stopped bumble bee Bait Company and pursued his Marine Boat Part aspects which is now TH Marine. Th stands for trim handle which he designed as well as many other essential and groundbreaking attributes to the boat as we know it such as the hot foot the first Jack Plate I could go on and on. My question is I've got a couple of old bumblebee short-arm spinnerbaits. If he were to have decided to continue Bumblebee Bait Company how popular do you think it would have been? I for one love the hardware on it very unique. Y'all thoughts?
  2. Basskat, that is my biggest concern. Is to take the enjoyment out of something i love. Im pumping out a sizable amount through my Wholesale Distributor. And online sales are coming in quick. Its just me and a buddy of mine pullin on a shooting star by ultramolds. Right now it's fun we drink some beer and shoot some molds. But I've recently committed to resurrecting and old fishing bait company in which we were given their copyright and patent. And that will take a lot of time because I'll have to build sales teams and marketing squads because the old timers we're going to love it. We're going to introduce the Old lineup and a new lineup using the same Hardware. I believe it will become a job then. I'm 36 years old I was fortunate enough to have our insurance brokerage which was family-owned bought out. But the main reason I'm doing tackle is I want to leave my imprint or something that I love doing. But I hear it all the time that once it gets going good the good gets going out of it. And it becomes work
  3. Well, im a 100% custom design and color soft plastic Co. And was just trying to get some more of my own colors out there. This is a hard industry to infiltrate. Figuring out new ways to attract people. My baits catch fish, sometimes it's hard to catch fisherman
  4. Yes I agree with what you said Travis. You know how ideas pop in and out of the head, I reckon that's what TU is for. The more I think about it the more cheesy it sounds. I appreciate y'all's input
  5. Would like to know if, think consumer minded, would you like or dislike packs (for coloring purpose) in two different categories and multiple colors in each pack. Example: the two categories are: 1) day colors - watermelon, green pumpkin and pumpkinseed. 2) night colors - black, deep purples, and dark blues. * 6 baits per pack, containing 2 of each color mentioned above. Yalls thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. I feel you there alsworms... just got to keep grinding like Its an 8th grade dance..
  7. Like I said I don't believe one's better than the other if we can find a way to communicate from one another I think everybody could benefit from it. You said it perfectly at the end of the day we both have the same result usually.
  8. Yeah it's inspired me to try to at least least learn some of the fundamentals in which I can at least understand and Converse a little more. Like I said before the more knowledge I get it, especially on the scientific side will help me greatly in all aspects of each goal I want to accomplish. I welcome the challenge even though I'm just a redneck from Alabama and I can only count to 20 if my shoes are off
  9. I've noticed there are two types if people that make up the majority of members here. You got your 1) garage guys 2) scientific guys. That's what's cool about this site, you get Knowledge from people who are like-minded but their mind works in different ways. Garage guys, like myself, don't really know how to explain what we know that works. it's more like a gut feeling or intuition. Although we know what works is backed by science like water dispersion, vortices, drag and so on. It's just not in my vocabulary to describe, or it's hard to describe exactly why and what I did. For example give me an aluminum Coke can and I can make a functional lure out of it yet fail to explain why I bent a certain part at a certain angle .Scientific guys are very fascinating to me, they have what they do down to a mathematical equation or a rational reason backed by an algorithmic equation or some mathematical reason for something to do what it does, and they can lay it all out numbers. I guess what I'm trying to get at for me personally I'll tell you the truth, as a garage guy sometimes I feel intimidated trying to jump in with scientific guys conversation. Now I'll be clear no way shape or form am I saying one of the two or better or are they trying to speak above one or the other it's just how we all are made up. At the end of the day the two types of people end up with the same result no matter how they got there. I would like to be able to communicate a little more with the diversity this site has to offer. I think that would greatly increase my knowledge overall. Does anyone have any suggestions any way to better communicate? Or am I the only one that even feels this way?
  10. Its basically just the same concept as cyklone paint mixer's drill inserted prop. Ive just got the drill where it can be attatched to the bucket in a fixed locked in position, or detached for getting any stubborn plastic that may be hidding in the seems at the bottom of the bucket. Cyklones prop looks lik this " _|_" i just added 2 small blades out of some scrap, 6in above the 2 main bottom blades. It works good. Hope this helps. Now, ive got a shooting star injection system made by Rupert at Ultra Molds which has 2 drums with a motor that is fixed ontop of each lid with a sail stlye blade that continuously Stirrs the plastic while heating. And its top knotch desgin if you want to get into somthing more detailed and advanced
  11. And I'm not too proud to admit I'm not a maker, im more of a designer and innovator. But one cannot exist without the other. I believe they both inspire each other
  12. Everybody new that I talk to gets me a step closer to my obtainable goals. I'm also not a veteran per se meaning I don't have 30 years under my belt but I will offer any knowledge I have to any one that listens
  13. "Make me a banana split" haha...thanks CNC. Thats one of the best replies ive ever gotten, as far as getting to the meat and potatoes of the subject. I can never thank someone enough when I'm going down the wrong direction on a one-way Street and then someone with more knowledge and experience turns me around. Save me a lot of miles. You know I always appreciate it!
  14. We never talked about any kind of one-off payment, we we never even talked about payment at all. This feels awfully like a trap for you to let everyone know that you are a "Open Source" man and it's at my expense. You disrespect my Integrity my moral fiber and my character over a single post. You may have 45 years in the business but give me 10 minutes and I'll teach you some manners. We don't treat each other down here in Alabama like that. This is a sad attempt I believe that you trying to say face because maybe you messed up on this site before. This is my first day it will be my last. I'll be making that 3D rod and will be on we'll be on YouTube open source the entire process everybody who helped on my other posts I appreciate you all's input Vanilla Gorilla
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