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  1. Correct, I am needing suggestions on any must have tools I need and what brand airbrush, stand/rotisserie I should buy. And thanks for all the comments. Keep them coming. I know we have a lot to learn and much of it will be trial and error. The lure he made is a topwater walk the dog type lure that we use in saltwater for catching trout and redfish. We fish freshwater too so may try our hand at some crankbaits in the future, but for now we will stick to topwaters.
  2. Hey, new guy here from Texas. Not sure this is the right forum but I'll start here. My son (12) had to do a school project. He is an avid fisherman so he told me he wanted to make a fishing lure. I thought that was pretty cool so off we went to the garage. Long story short, we used what we could find in the garage. He whittled and sanded on a wooden dowel, used some spray paint we had laying around, dipped it in some kind of clear coat and put hardware on it. This all took a few days. He tried to copy a Heddon Supper Spook Jr and I think it actually looks great but we made some mistakes along the way. Mainly with the paint and clear coat. It never fully cured. He cant wait to do some more and I want to get him the right equipment. I've been reading online and that is what led me here. Can ya'll recommend what I need to get him started? Such as a good beginner airbrush, one of those stands or rotisserie things, and any other must have tools? I'd like to get a station set up for him at my work bench because I really think he will take to this. Any advice is much appreciated. Here's a pic of his first ever lure. We hope to improve on this.
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