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  1. All these paints are 2 oz. Createx and are all (except the gold which is about 3/4 full) are AT LEAST 9/10ths full, if not un-opened. Transparent 1 Purple 1 Leaf Green 1 Brite Red 1 Brite Blue 1 Brite Yellow Opaque 1 Blue Pearlized 2 White 1 Satin Gold 7, 2.5" poppers 7, 4.5" glidebaits 7, weighted shrimp blanks 8 assorted hardbait blanks (divers & gliders mostly.) I will break up the lot so make me an offer for what you want. No trades please!
  2. I tried airbrushing for my FIRST time today & it won't work! It will spray air, no paint. Yes I pushed the bottom all the way down & pulled it all the way back. I tried thinning the paint; I tried a larger PSI. Nothing worked. Like I said, it blows air with no problem, no paint. It won't even blow water! The largest PSI I use was 40 PSI all the way down to 5 PSI.
  3. I mean I don't want them shipped from overseas!.
  4. Where can I buy bulk treble hooks, other than from China or some other over seas country? When I say bulk I mean 100 packs! Needing, #2s through #8s. Also, can I thin airbrush paint with water, if the paint is water-based?
  5. What do y'all thin the paint with?
  6. What do I need to set my PSI at when I'm airbrushing?
  7. Do you use Diamond Finish?
  8. TX Fisher

    assorted lure bodys blanks

    Can you email me with pictures? asheranthony45@gmail.com or 325 574 2541
  9. Createx is what I bought too!
  10. Will water based airbrush paint work on hardbaits if you put a clear-coat over it?
  11. TX Fisher


    I'm looking for literally everything that's needed to get started hard bait painting. (Blanks, clear coat mainly.)
  12. Will polyurethane work on both wood and plastic lures, or will it flake off?
  13. What size clevise do I need for #3 or #4 Colorado spinner blades?
  14. Hi there! I'm totally new at lure making and need some pointers. Wanting to make hard baits for bass, & blue gill. I DON'T HAVE MUCH MONEY TO SPEND, so please nothing to fancy or expensive! I need a decent clear coat that doesn't cost an arm & a leg; any suggestions? All tips help!
  15. TX Fisher

    Blank lures and eyes

    How much for all of them tyd?
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