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  1. Well that is very kind of you, I sure don’t expect that. I guess it doesn’t even necessarily have to flash light just be water activated and stay on in water and turn off out of water. I really appreciate all your help this is the farthest I have gotten on this project and I’m really excited.
  2. My knowledge on this is, no knowledge. I ripped apart a deep drop led fishing light and it looks so simple with a tiny chip, some batteries and the bulb and it doesn’t look complicated but figuring out what parts I need and understanding what order is what I can’t seem to find anywhere. I have the led bulbs, resistors, and batteries and really just tried to complete it dry first to light the bulb, but couldn’t get that even. The deep drop led is exactly what I want but I want to put it together myself and pour my own resin for a custom shape. Something seeming so simple and cheap to buy is seeming to be so complicated. I’m just not sure I would even understand your document but would love to take a look if you would. My email is dstorms26@yahoo.com. Thanks
  3. Hi Vodkaman, I am trying to make a water activated led and having trouble in doing so. I have looked at your diagrams (which is like a different language to me) and wondering if you could list out what materials I need and any other useful info, if you have the time. Thanks so much
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