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  1. Larry Smith Jr.


    "the walking Banana" I made a lure that looks almost like a banana, but it has brown spots and is also s spook like bait.
  2. Dave, I do not know how to correctly draw it. What I have been trying to do is use a wooden ruler and measuring the wood, for example, 1 inch popler. Once it is cut out, measure the half inch mark and make a mark with a pencil on both ends, and both sides of the lure and connect them with a ruler. I am having trouble, though, because the ruler is flat and the lure is curved.
  3. does the tapering have to be even on both sides?
  4. watch him all the time, but be never explains how to do it.
  5. no, I know how to do that. It is tapering the ends I need help with. Once that part is glued and the wood is cut
  6. Best place to buy cheap basswood?
  7. Hi, I am new here. I was wondering how I should draw the profile on the lures once I draw out the design, and cut it with a coping saw. I havw been doing a ruler, but it is very frusturating and time consuming. Any special methods or tools?
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