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  1. Kanny


    Another tail bait!
  2. Kanny


    My take on a svartzonker type lure
  3. Kanny


    Good idea with CD lip it'll be interesting to see how that turns out I have stacks of old CD,s ,I guess you could leave them silver also ...bait looks great
  4. Kanny


    Thanks...Tbh those were the last 2 pairs of eyes i had in so they were getting used either way lol
  5. Kanny


    A pair of slider type jerkbaits
  6. I fish for pike with weedless rubber frogs this time of year, they aren't noisy or make any great fuss on the top water and they don't seem to suffer with the short strike but they are notoriously bad for hookup due to design, strike reaction is key or lack of it with the frogs I always wait a couple of seconds . Anyway back to my point about the frogs not really making much fuss on the top of the water, I wonder if the problem with your lure is its making a little too much disturbance on the water resulting in the fish not hitting the target? Atb Kanny
  7. Kanny


    Thanks ...Yes all except the eyes
  8. Kanny

    jointed bait finished2.jpg

    Looks killer that
  9. Kanny


    Lipless crankbait
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