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  1. After you have purchased all needed supplies a 6 in worm will be about $0.15 ea in material.
  2. Great work , congratulations to the winners and all that participated.
  3. Judgie

    Presto pot stirrers

    It's not for production by the looks . But great for most users.
  4. Its all in the mixing , if its separated you have to stir the bottom of the container . Shaking it will not do much.
  5. As I said after three months I see no effect on the plastic or the colour.
  6. Don't know about that but after 3 months they are still soft and pliable, just like when they were made.
  7. It's been great no effect on the bait and after a week they are not oily or sticky. Just a few drops in the bag and move them around then let them be.
  8. I use pure mineral oil get it at the drug store.
  9. You can always add hardener or softener. To make it what you want.
  10. I was wondering if you filled the fryer with oil and then put a weighted pot in the oil with your plastasol. THAT WAY NO HEATING ELEMENT TO BURN THE PLASTIC. Just a thought.
  11. Venting upwards is not good, Then it has to pass your face. Horizontal is the best or downward, through an outdoor exaust
  12. Welcome There are a lot of helpful people here so do not be afraid to ask questions.
  13. Try master angler (CMAoutdoos .com) $219 for 20 liters (5 gal) Canadian and they ship fast
  14. Most hobby company's are very busy , at the present time . I know because I also have been waiting for a new mold. Not from CNC only because they did not offer the mold I was looking for.
  15. I don't understand it for sure , I have a customer that orders 1000 at a time. That takes me 10 days to make to make them . My mold has only 3 cavities, and I hand pour the bottom half. Most of my customers purchase 100 at a time. I don't have that many customers and am not interested in expanding ,I'm retired and started it as a hobby but it is beginning to look like a part time job.
  16. This is my first winter doing soft baits should I be concerned with freezing temperatures, and leaving the plastisol in my unheated garage. Temperatures go down to 20 F , sometimes lower.
  17. The 300 series stainless steel is non heat treatable, so no it can not be annealed. The 400 series stainless is hear treatable and can be softened or hardened. There are many options to stainless steel and many series including 700 series. Inconel, nickel, monel, bronze, nickel bronze, are also to be considered if available check you local welding supplier sometime they have rolls of stainless that can't be used for welding, for one reason or another, and you can get real cheap..
  18. There is a company in Windsor Ontario, Canada. Bondy Baits They make a lot for Bass Pro
  19. OH I agree there is a wealth of info from some great people on this site. Thank you all.
  20. In the past I had purchased some finesse minnows from Bass Pro they had a glow tail . Anyway half of them fell off before I got to use them. They must need a much higher temp to fuse.
  21. LOL You don't have to pay for advice, if you are near me we can meet . PM sent
  22. WD-40 works great and only takes a couple drops.
  23. Your from Alaska , China may be closer. lol
  24. I know I'm kind of new at making soft baits. I have been using MF and Lureworks. But my main colourant has been Tremclad Paint, this started when I could not fine any yellow or black . Now I use them all. I do not know if they bleed, or will have a negative effect on the finished product, eventually I will find out.
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