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  1. Your from Alaska , China may be closer. lol
  2. I know I'm kind of new at making soft baits. I have been using MF and Lureworks. But my main colourant has been Tremclad Paint, this started when I could not fine any yellow or black . Now I use them all. I do not know if they bleed, or will have a negative effect on the finished product, eventually I will find out.
  3. Judgie

    Skull jig.jpg

    That will be good for Halloween, but might scare the fish. LOL
  4. I'm confused I started making soft baits for myself and family, Had no intention to sell then. Except to a few friend I fish with. Now I am having a hard time keeping up with people ordering them . It does not make any sense I am selling them for 1$ each , you can purchase them at Bass pro 10 for $4.59. The reason I sell them for a $1 is that I do not want to sell them. I getting orders for 10 dozen , and 500 from different people I do not know. Can,t figure it out. But at that price I can't stop making them. What's your thoughts on this.
  5. Judgie

    Wobble event?

    Every Friday night when the bar closes in every town in America.
  6. I'm still old school, I get mine free from tire stores . All wheel weights half or no good ,but I get 50 lbs from 100 lbs of wheel weights. I would rather buy lead but can't find ant around here Ontario Canada. You did very well at a buck a lb.
  7. No need for a rag after, just wipe off the plunger.
  8. WD40 works great, after shooting for the day I give it a spray work the plunger a couple times and I'm done.
  9. I use Tremclad oil base paint and it works great
  10. As long as they catch fish who cares what they look like.
  11. Bubbles are in the mold not the plastic. Need better venting of the mold.
  12. welcome lots of good info and people here.
  13. I put mine in a water bucket with cold water, if anything it teaches them to swim.
  14. I shook and swirled the one gallon contained very well. Now it may be compacted on the bottom that I did not check because it was full and I had just received it from the supplied. Any way he has it now.
  15. Master Anglers ( Canadian company)
  16. LOL I was a salesman for 35 years, had I not been on commission's I would have told a lot of the to kiss off. I considered most of them as street sluts, they drop their pants to save a nickel.
  17. I mixed it 3 times and the last time for 3-4 minutes. The company I purchased it from is replacing it no questions asked, can't beat that anyway.
  18. Its privately labelled so no telling who manufactured it.
  19. I think I got a bad batch, this is the third gallon I have used and had no problems in the past. This time I stirred as usual heated as usual , but the plastic will not harden won't even jell. After pouring. Heated to 375 f and nothing. Anyone ever had this problem.
  20. Judgie

    An Assortment of Jigs.jpeg

    Very nice work, almost too pretty to throw in the Lake.
  21. Welcome, and by the way 64 is not to old to start. I started at 72
  22. I am quite new to this but, would it be possible to seal the current entry port on the side and re drill a one on the top. That would make it a top pour, you could always, go back and revers this if it did not work. Just a thought.
  23. Anyone ever use welding wire comes in many diameter's, stainless steel, bronze, and many other alloys. I have used it for years , and its not expensive
  24. If you live in an area that has some mold shops, after stress relief they usually have the mold glass beaded. The shops that glass bead throw out the used glass bead its very fine but they would most likely let you have it for free, because they pay to get rid of it. I know this because I worked in one for years.
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