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  1. The 300 series stainless steel is non heat treatable, so no it can not be annealed.

    The 400 series stainless is hear treatable and can be softened or hardened.

    There are many options to stainless steel and many series including 700 series.

    Inconel, nickel, monel, bronze, nickel bronze, are also to be considered if available check you local welding supplier

    sometime they have rolls of stainless that can't be used for welding, for one reason or another, and you can get real cheap..

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  2. 7 hours ago, chachybaby said:

    Judgie where abouts are you in Ontario?

    I'll pay you but not for your baits but walking me through the bait making process. I'm just starting out. Pm me. I don't have to worry bout selling bc 1)my baits are crap 2)output is on par right now for about 6 baits per couple hour ;)


    You don't have to pay for advice, if you are near me we can meet .

    PM sent

  3. On ‎11‎/‎19‎/‎2020 at 5:46 PM, Kasilofchrisn said:

    I'm not trying to be rude here but bear with me.

    To be honest I have to ask why?

    If shorty's has the hooks why order them all the way from China?

    I mean I could order my finished jigs from there as well and most likely be cheaper than ordering from you right?

    I understand that if a mold calls for a hook made in China we may not have much choice.

    But I try to support american vendors as much as I can. Even if it cost me a bit more for those hooks.

    Besides the fact that I'm not waiting on my hooks to ship from China if Shorty's has them in stock.

    So I'm wondering is it really worth it to save a couple bucks a year on hooks?

    Not for me isn't!


    Your from Alaska , China may be closer. lol

  4. I know I'm kind of new at making soft baits. I have been using MF and Lureworks.

    But my main colourant has been Tremclad Paint, this started when I could not fine any yellow or black .

    Now I use them all.

    I do not know if they bleed, or will have a negative effect on the finished product, eventually I will find out.

  5. I'm confused I started making soft baits for myself and family, Had no intention to sell then. Except to a few friend I fish with.

    Now I am having a hard time keeping up with people ordering them .

    It does not make any sense I am selling them for 1$ each , you can purchase them at Bass pro 10 for $4.59.

    The reason I sell them for a $1 is that I do not want to sell them.

    I getting orders for 10 dozen , and 500 from different people I do not know.

    Can,t figure it out.

    But at that price I can't stop making them.

    What's your thoughts on this. 

  6. I'm still old school, I get mine free from tire stores . All wheel weights half or no good ,but I get 50 lbs from 100 lbs of wheel weights.

    I would rather buy lead but can't find ant around here Ontario Canada.

    You did very well at a buck a lb.

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