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  1. Its privately labelled so no telling who manufactured it.
  2. I think I got a bad batch, this is the third gallon I have used and had no problems in the past. This time I stirred as usual heated as usual , but the plastic will not harden won't even jell. After pouring. Heated to 375 f and nothing. Anyone ever had this problem.
  3. Judgie

    An Assortment of Jigs.jpeg

    Very nice work, almost too pretty to throw in the Lake.
  4. Welcome, and by the way 64 is not to old to start. I started at 72
  5. I am quite new to this but, would it be possible to seal the current entry port on the side and re drill a one on the top. That would make it a top pour, you could always, go back and revers this if it did not work. Just a thought.
  6. Anyone ever use welding wire comes in many diameter's, stainless steel, bronze, and many other alloys. I have used it for years , and its not expensive
  7. If you live in an area that has some mold shops, after stress relief they usually have the mold glass beaded. The shops that glass bead throw out the used glass bead its very fine but they would most likely let you have it for free, because they pay to get rid of it. I know this because I worked in one for years.
  8. Welcome , you came to the right place lots of good info here.
  9. This is the first time I have ordered a mold from Arizona ( company name not mentioned). Mold cost $99.00 good price, looks good on web page. Charge for shipping to Canada $38.00 total cost $137.00 us = $187.00 Canadian dollars I know when it gets here I will have to pay an extra 13 percent cdn tax and probably 25 percent duty I have ordered from the USA before but never cost that much, could it be because of covid-19
  10. Thanks for the support from all of you. The only problem I'm having is what to do with all these lures. LOL
  11. Hi all just joined the forum . I have been making soft baits for a couple months and , I'm having a great time ,reading all your tips and procedures. Hopefully I will be able to contribute some day.
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