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  1. I was able to match the exact weight of the GY Senko usiing glass bead media for the first time instead of salt. Very little color distortion.
  2. Just a general question for everyone. Like a ton of us I'm trying to imitate the Senko. What brand of colorants are you using, especially the watermelon color? I've tried the Do-It and MF brands and they are nice but I just can't quite match the Yamamoto watermelon colored Senko. Thanks.
  3. Someone recommended cutting a thin piece of flat plastic just a little smaller than your bag so that you can stack your baits on it and then slide it into your bags. I did this and it works pretty good.
  4. I just got me some 100-170 glass bead media but have yet to try some. Been making worms.
  5. Someone in here recommended www.clearbags.com I got 100 of the HZB74Q 7"x4.25 bags and 100 of the HZB64 6"x4" for a total of $22.
  6. Great tip! I just made me a "slide" for my 6" and 7" bags.
  7. I don't have a clue as to the brand of my 4oz injector. I got it from Rob at Zeiners. It works good for me.
  8. I use a bottle brush and then run a micro fiber towel thru it.
  9. I had a good order in with Lure Works/Spike it and then found out that they sponsor Mike Iaconelli, so I quickly canceled the order. I'm having good success using MF sinking and medium plastisol and Bait Plastics plastisol.
  10. Hey Guys. I'm making Senkos using the Angling Ai core shot mold. Nice mold. I've noticed that I'm getting some small flat spots in the outer plastic shoot. I don't think the fish are gonna notice it but I do. I'm injecting my first shot at 325-340 degrees and the second shot a little hotter as recommended. I let the first shot sit/set for 7-8 minutes or more before pulling the rods out. And then injecting the second shot. Any advice? Or should I not worry about it. Thanks.
  11. I have found that with multi heats even when using heat stabilizer and using only 20-30 second heat cycles the MF plastisol starts to 'darken'.
  12. If you order direct from MF be prepared to wait 2 to 3 months for your order.
  13. Can you reheat your plastic when using GBM? I've heard it's not recommended.
  14. I got a sampler kit from Bait Plastics and I haven't used the #362 Super Tough yet. I did make some 6" worms using their #312 Saltwater formula and I felt that they were to hard for a worm, it's was pretty stiff. I remelted the worms and made some Senkos out of them.
  15. Thank you for all your responses. I have changed and slowed down the way I heat it all up and the last couple of batches with the same plastisol was fine.
  16. That's good customer service. Who is it?
  17. Thanks. What part of California are you from?
  18. It finally got under a 100 degrees outside so here's and update. Heated the well shaken 8 ounces of 'virgin' plastisol for 2 minutes and stirred. Heated for another 2 minutes and stirred. It started to turn light brown instead of clear so I decided to make some rootbeer colored baits. Added my color and stirred. Heated for 30 seconds and added glitter and some salt, stirred, it was just under 300 degrees. Heated for 20 seconds to get it up to 330 degrees and injected. They are some interesting root beer colored senkos. I'm on my 3rd injection with no jello. I wondering if I got a bad jug or if I didn't shake the new jug up enough at first? Thanks for all your help Guys.
  19. I wasn't able to make a third injection before it jello'd on me.
  20. I shook it up for about a minute. I'm gonna try another round tonight.
  21. OK, I mixed 8oz of MF medium sinking plastic and I heated it up in 1 minute increments until it was clear, stirring it up in between. I added some MF light watermelon color drops until I got the color I wanted. I heated it back up 2 times at 30 second intervals stirring each time. I then added some glitter, earthworm oil, and salt and heated up for 30 more seconds until I got to 340-350 degrees. Injected the mold. First batch came out beautiful. After reheating and not changing anything the second batch came out very nicely but was a root beer color and it is a good color. I reheated for a third pour and my material turned to jello. I did not add any heat stabilizer. I'm assuming I did a rookie mistake of sorts but I'm asking all you knowledgeable people for a little help.
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