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  1. Hm, mine does it on delivery. Though as stated, it's much worse with the glo powder. On a brighter note, I got my silica packets, dropped one into each powder and waited a half hour before pouring. A marked difference in the orange I used. Went from mostly powder with some clumps to all powder, mixed easily. So problem solved.
  2. Originally this problem came up more with my glow in the dark powder but It's happening with all of my powdered dyes over time (and I'm in SoCal, so humidity isn't generally the issue), but I'm getting a bit of clumping/caking up with my powders. It didn't occur to me to ask on here first I just ordered a 300 pack of those little silica gel packs. Will that work? How do you guys deal with this issue, especially the down south and back east guys (or anyone not living in or on the edge of a desert? I did search the forums but nothing came up.
  3. I tried the veggie oil route, learned my lesson, canola oil works though, and a little goes a loooooooong way.
  4. The giant signs all over the front page said not to. The 3 month timeline actually came from someone at Zeiners, MF website says up to 5 weeks. At this point, Bait Plastics is cheaper and faster, if the quality is good, I'm switching.
  5. Because their current ship times are around 3 months.
  6. Well, not to bash ANY resaler, but if you can get the same product from the supplier, why pay anyone elses markup? On Matt's (Anglers Alley) recommendation I spoke with Chad from Polysol and they'll help you find the mix you need, and once you get to the 55 gal range, they'll even mix special for you. I'm going with Bait Plastics once I burn through the two gal of MF I've got coming from Zeiners.
  7. Ah Thank you! I've literally built a business buying from only one company so I don't really even know any other sources and my designs kind of count on that mix. I have a couple gallons coming now, thanks again!
  8. Hey guys, I'm in kind of a bind. Deadon is not the way to go so I went back to my old faithful MF 464 mix and they're saying up to 5 weeks ship time due to the current conditions of the world. I have an order outstanding and a trip next month where I'll be expected to have plastics and a shop that I was planning on restocking. I need two gallons of plastic within the next two weeks that are about the same stiffness of 464 (50/50 mix of soft and hard plastisol). Can anyone recommend a company that I could get it from? Thanks in advance for any tips.
  9. I'd be willing to withhold judgement but too many others seem to be having the same issue. With Saltwater baits, especially rockfish and Ling cod, customers are very demanding about durability.
  10. Wow, thank you guys so much. I have been using MF's 464 mix for almost a decade, but watching the youtube vids of Marling and Worlds worst I was encouraged by the clarity of the plastic, even when they seemed to overheat it. I was about to drop a hundo on two gallons (one floating and one sinking to mix together) of dead on. Most of my custom is saltwater, durability issues are not tolerated.
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