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  1. 10-4 thanks. Its odd as for me it follows Owner hooks. Same for me with buzzbaits...i did a few of those this weekend and had fits with the Owner hooks and no issue with VMC's both 5/0's. I'll have to get some more and try a few things. I thought about the demolding thing and actually left some in the mold over night and those were loose as well, and i ladle poured those i was kind of surprised they were loose.
  2. Pouring some jigs with Owner Hooks, having an issue with the lead not wanting to bond to the hook. Thoughts? Using a Lee PPIV, dial on 8. Pure lead. On a few of the ones that were loose i tourched off the lead and repoured and then they were fine. Is there something with the coating on hooks maybe?
  3. Have a guy wanting some shiny gold jigs. is there any powder coats that get a "chromed" look to them? Or other good ways to get?
  4. Found some videos and looks like Smooth On Mold max 60 would work well but is a little tough to find and shipping from a few places that had it was as much as the product. It is kind of designed for tin / pewter hobbies by the looks of it Alumalite has amazing mold putty which they actually have a video of pouring lead into so maybe that is the way to go for a simple mold, but would defiantly be limited to a top pour probably.
  5. What is the easiest material to make a prototype lead mold? I am wanting to build a somewhat flat planing style buzzbait head that is heavy enough to run through reeds well, but also will plane and stay up somewhat easily. Their are a couple of produciton ones that do this ok but want to make a few mods for myself. I was thinking of maybe making a master out of clay and molding with RTV? Is there an RTV that works decent with lead? Thinking maybe just an open pour type mold might work.
  6. Put the weight closer to the hook, like an egg sinker or such. On baits like the Blue Fox musky buck we used to use rubber core sinkers added to the shaft for casting distance and being able to speed reel them. I make alot of inlines and can attach a picture later, but if you google musky bucktail you will see.
  7. Thanks!! Found a solution
  8. Anyone know of a good mold for a jerk minnow? Similar to Kalins jerkminnow / jr. Personal use only so lower # of cavities would be ok.
  9. i know this was originally an old post, but does anyone have a current supplier of "larger" buzzblades? I found some 2.1" at Barlows is about the biggest i can find.
  10. I ordered some waspi predator 8/0 hooks but have not got them yet. Fly fisherman use them for pike / musky flies. They look very much like a spinnerbait hook, but have not yet seen in person
  11. what do you make the mold out of?
  12. Outlaw4

    Buzzbait Help

    Ok thanks to all that have posted, and those who have posted on some of the older posts on this mold. I was able to get this working pretty well last night. I re-smoked the molds just to make sure. Then turned the pot up from 7 to 9. I was able to be really close to 100% on the pours i tried last night. All the pours i did were with the wires & hooks i melted the bad pours off of, so not sure if that helped or not. Could definitely see the lead temp took just a second longer to solidify in the sprue so that maybe was the deal, just not hot enough. Another thing i did for using some custom wire bends was modify a groove into the mold where the buzz arm sits and this really helped hold the wire form in place. The Do-It forms sit in the opening so there is nothing to clamp them. Then i just trimmed the arms to whatever length i wanted them. I'll try and get a picture of it, but it take 30 sec with a file. I'll have to try the red silicone on the hook slot, that is the only pain is keeping that straight, warranted a couple of cusses lol. I tried messing with some tape with mixed results since the mold is so warm.
  13. Outlaw4

    Buzzbait Help

    Using pure lead, Lee Production pot, i did smoke the molds and preheat them on the pot so they are too hot to touch. I read some other forum notes regarding this one being tricky to fill and I'm not having that so much as bonding to the hooks / forms. I'll try to take some pictures of the Owner hook deal. I don't know if its due to the stainless or just something in my process.
  14. Outlaw4

    Buzzbait Help

    Recently purchased a Do It keel buzzbait mold. Having a few issues, and wondering if others have seen or have solutions for? 1. Difficult to keep the hook in line with the keel direction before pouring. Hook does not stay tight enough when mold is closed. 2. Lead not bonding to the hook and form allowing the hook to wiggle 3. Been trying to use some Owner hooks, but the mold will not fill in around the hook shaft in one spot around down near the collar. Its odd as the VMC hooks dont seem to have the same issue. 4. On the ones that have turned out, in the water they tend not to run straight and pull to the left on retrieve. I'm not disgruntled with them yet, but am getting frustrated a tad
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