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  1. Well.... I have a fish tank in my workshop under my drying cupboard. That could be part of the problem.
  2. It peels off of paint and foils.
  3. Thanks mate. What resin would you advise? I need something I can buy in larger amounts
  4. https://www.artresin.com
  5. Usually test the lures a day after the resin has fully hardened. Maybe the water is getting in through a scratch or something? Or im testing them too soon? It has happened with gorilla resin too but I know that is not water proof. How many coats of resin do you guys use?
  6. I have looked and it is waterproof.
  7. Im having issues with resin peeling off my lures. I use art resin and after a couple of hours use the resin goes soft and peels off the lure. The lures are made from mahogany, sealed with ca, painted with acrylic paint then given a coat of art resin. Any advice would be greatly apreciated.
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