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  1. Everyone has their ways of doing things, but base your decision on what you economically have in front of you. I am a fan of powder painting, but there is a stipulation to that I'll mention at the end. If you are looking to get at it right away, go grab some polish and have at with a few jigs. Plan out the colors and supplies you will need for powder painting and then purchase them when you can. The cost is more than a few bottles of nail polish, but it is aheck of a lot of fun blending and passing time making jigs pretty with powder paint. With that said, I do not p
  2. I'll 2nd the 1/0 hook option. I also tie up an 1/8 oz. classic ballhead jig with marabou for smallies up in Door County. Slow and steady retrieve is the ticket just off the bottom for smallies. I also throw them in ponds with my boys. In this application, I run them through the water column a bit faster and on the high side. I also throw a half or quarter section of a 3 inch senko style bait on for the boys to make casting easier.
  3. Model FST 6-A (3/16th-1/2 oz.) 90 degree jig hook style. I'm looking to use a heavier hook than the recommended Mustad 32746's, Owner 5318's, or Gama 114's. Basically I want to use these in saltwater and need to go with a beefier hook. The Gama 604s do fit and cast well, but want to know if there are other options anyone has used. The mold requires a jig with a bit longer eye stem (think Mustad 32746s), so I am just eeking these out with the shorter eye stem from the Gama 604s. The Eagle Claw 635s are tinned and appear to have a bit longer eye stem, but I have not used
  4. Thanks, Judgie. I have always browsed through the forum , just never registered. I Appreciate the welcome bud.
  5. Hi folks, Just joined, read the TU rules thread, and dropped in here for an intro and to say hi. Chicago native, river rat, Lake Michigan angler and jig maker who loves all things outdoors. Adventuring into the fly world lately and finally decided to join TU. I've been fishing around the country in fresh and salt for the better part of 40+ years. Happy to join the TU finally and communicate with other like minded lure crafters and fisher folk. For those on Instagram, my name is Mike Murphy, and some of you may have seen my adventures and jigs @barracuda8u I smile a ton a
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