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  1. Thanks, Judgie. I have always browsed through the forum , just never registered. I Appreciate the welcome bud.
  2. Hi folks, Just joined, read the TU rules thread, and dropped in here for an intro and to say hi. Chicago native, river rat, Lake Michigan angler and jig maker who loves all things outdoors. Adventuring into the fly world lately and finally decided to join TU. I've been fishing around the country in fresh and salt for the better part of 40+ years. Happy to join the TU finally and communicate with other like minded lure crafters and fisher folk. For those on Instagram, my name is Mike Murphy, and some of you may have seen my adventures and jigs @barracuda8u I smile a ton at the little things, and love so many of the great designers out there in this wonderful world of lure making and fishing we all hold so dear to our hearts. Anyway, happy to be here and looking forward to connecting with other designers. Cuda
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