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  1. Alex B


    I'm already happy with my BassTackle injector and I haven't opened it yet! I ordered it Thursday afternoon and it arrived to me in GA today. Super fast shipping!
  2. Alex B


    Canga, thank you for the advice and I did. Got my order in for a BT dual 6oz, and I'm excited to get to work making baits.
  3. Alex B


    Thanks a lot guys! Ya'll are great! Any thoughts on what I'm missing/need (besides cups, microwave, griddle)? So far I have: Plastisol-Dead on Worm blend -5 gallons 4 cavity ribbon tail worm mold, 5" core shot stick worm, and 4" open pour swim bait, a few basic colors and glitter, heat stabilizer, and some scent. Also, I had a vac chamber already.
  4. Alex B


    Would you say that a twin 3oz injector is a good starting point? or go ahead and get the twin 6oz? Also, Do you see any problem with my line of thinking about buying the twin as my first and if I want to shoot one color, just using one side of it? Thanks for the responses guys, like I said, I'm new and trying to gain as much knowledge as possible. This forum seems to be one of the top places to gain it. Please don't be afraid to tell me that I'm messing up or what I should be doing.
  5. Alex B


    I will be sure to do that. It's starting to sound like it's Basstackle injectors hands down. DANG!! I just looked. $300 for a twinjector kit. OUCH!
  6. Alex B


    There are a lot of mix reviews, and because the owner watches and responds regularly I came here to ask. Some of the bait making group posts about their injectors have gotten pretty heated, even to the point of threatening lawsuits. So I don't think I will get an unbias answer there. I don't want to bash anyone or company.
  7. Alex B


    Has anyone had any experience with the company Quality Injector and more? I believe they are only on facebook. I have seen some people complain about their injectors on facebook, but their reviews are good. I saw that Chris Jones from World's Worst Fishing on Youtube had one of their big injectors, but in his most recent video, he mentions that he can't use his big injector right now because he is having problems with it. I should backup and say, I'm new to making baits and I'm gathering all the stuff I need to get started. My thought process on injectors was, buy a dual kit and if I want
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