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  1. Dual for sure. allows for future expansion into dual laminates
  2. When using usps did you guys use envelopes or boxes and how would you pack them to protect the baits?
  3. yah this a good post. I'm just starting to make my own baits and love doing it. I've purchased a 3m respirator along with a p100 filter and don't smell a thing with that respirator on. although I don't wear a facemask and get teary eyes after a while and have noticed a slight headache, so I know I'm still in-taking. I am curious if others can chime in on any health issues they've run into after doing this for many years. thanks
  4. I got some of the lurecraft micro bubbles which are actually small hollow glass kinda like what is being talked about here. I'll work with it and post my results. I'll head all the warnings around respirators, fans turned down, add more dye due to glass causing lighter colors, etc.. stay tuned. my goal is to make baits similar to the z-man elaztec w/o all their negative properties and lack of fluid action u get from plastisol. we will see.
  5. Is this the best method for this? https://www.systemthree.com/products/glass-microspheres?variant=13268254276&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=Cj0KCQjw8rT8BRCbARIsALWiOvT9o8eyQ-_0lsi9g06GV-zPZ6Ugjcq6-ileIjUYIG707BAQg-9JGigaApb
  6. What was the result of using lurecrafts micro bubbles? and what ratio did you add them? I just ordered some and am trying to make some lizards and worms float up behind a carolina rig so they don't touch the bottom and pickup the dirt/grim/weeds, kind of like z-mans elaztech products.
  7. I've been using dead on plastics and put them right into cooler water after use and not noticed issues related to what you are seeing above. which brand plastic was it?
  8. 2marshall8


    Hows the action compare on that 702 from BTS compared to a strike king rage craw, or rage bug, or another "flanged" type craw?
  9. ok so the idea is place them on this thin plastic which fits into the size of the bag and which also has worm oil, so after they cure, it's just insert into the bag, tilt the thin plastic upwards and they drop into the bag. yah It is a good idea. As I've been shooting my first molds recently I'm definitely feeling the loss of time and ways to cut time and maximize production. the worms in the original pic above are from a 3 cavity drop shot worm mold which when adding the chartreuse tails put me around 6-12 baits per hour depending on how many bubbling mistakes I run into. How much product are you pushing a week?
  10. this sounds like a lotta work to get them into the bag but I don't have experience like you Ap ;). Couldn't I just spray the bag or add my scent to the bag drop in the baits . and maneuver them around with my hands in the bag until they align properly? or will that not work as simply as I'm saying?
  11. My other question is, will the baits soak up the scent after they are cured for 24 hours and placed into the bag? Or has this curing made them less permeable not allowing the scent to properly soak into the plastic? thanks
  12. I don't follow how cutting a milk jug would help with uniform packaging into a bag. I guess I don't understand what shape is being made by the milk jug. Are you cutting it in half and using the bottom half or top half and putting the baits with the scent and oil into the top or bottom half, than transferring them to the bag? thanks
  13. Yah, hanging them by the runners makes it easy to cure em but yur right thats a lotta plastic wasted for other baits, so this was another decision I am facing. I've got them on a cookie sheet right now. regarding placing them into the bag, toadfrog, I like your process. Did you find that adding drops into the bag was not as effective at scenting the plastics, and how much extra waste are you incurring when spraying? Also, I've seen companies add salt to bags to keep the baits from sticking, Is worm oil a substitute for this? thanks everyone for the continued advice.
  14. I've added these to the gallery. I ran into some bubble issues as you can see on the tails in a few of the baits. not sure if anyone has advice on why this occurred or not. thanks everyone for your help. Regarding curing, what do each of you do to cure the baits so they maintain their correct shape, and when do you bag em and add scent?
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