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  1. There are definitely some different styles here with regards to presto pots and if you should auto stir or not. Frank here as you can see just stirs occasionally, no auto stirrer, where as others construct these fancy auto stirrers. Why go through all the work on an auto stirrer if it's not needed is my question. thanks
  2. So how do you keep the plastic from bubbling if it's constantly being stirred? It seems like air would constantly get into the plastic due to constant stirring. thanks
  3. how many RPM does the stirring motor need to be? will this work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Stove-6039HF-6220-6500-Agitator-Stir-Drive-Motor-1-RPM-80488-PH-CCW1H/282631439769?hash=item41ce258599:g:4GAAAOSwgy5Zk2q0
  4. Yah, honestly I didn't realize how easy it would be to sell baits. It feels like stealing candy from a baby. I'm at a point where I gotta free up time by scaling to meet up with the demand to not allow it to consume all my free time. thanks for this. I'll post the link to lurecraft who does his distribution now. https://www.lurecraft.com/Hot-Runner-Plastic-Pot-Stirrer/productinfo/2X186/
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Presto-Kitchen-Kettle-Multi-Cooker-Steamer/dp/B002JM202I/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=presto%2Bpot&qid=1609702887&sr=8-1&th=1 So this gear motor for stirring. where do you buy it? this seems to be the missing link in the puzzle from all my reading. this seems to be an item that people mckgyver a lot and it requires much more "technical knowledge" to assemble/create than I have.
  6. I'm curious with all of these answers were the baits stored in plastic bags putting pressure on the tail rudder in an awkward way and still didn't separate? I have to use oil in many of my molds to keep the baits shiny, when I remove them I cure em for a day and put them in plastics bags and have had custom complaints of tails separating. I'm wondering if perhaps the oil and the cure time being only 1 day may be a factor.
  7. would this work? https://www.amazon.com/StirMATE®-Smart-Pot-Stirrer-Rechargeable/dp/B076HH4WZM/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=pot+stirrer&qid=1609627875&sr=8-2
  8. I got the bella mini deep fryer but I'm having issues with burning of the plastic aruond the heating element. It burns the plastic and than there are chunks of burn plastic floating amoung the "good plastic" ruining the blend. any ideas?
  9. awesome. I just got one on amazon. thats exactly what I needed. length is good at 12.5" and the end is perfect for the injector. perfecto
  10. On this note, what brush do you guys use to clean out your injector?
  11. wow yah, so that was what I was thinking. love it, love it, love it. thanks guys. good ideas.
  12. great advice everyone. I definitely think more molds would provide the largest speed up in production from what Travis said. If I had 2 of the same mold I could shoot both at the same time, doubling my speed, the one concern for me here is when shooting single cavity molds with dual injection, I find by the time I get to the last mold the plastic has cooled to the point where if I had to shoot another 5 the plastic wouldn't be hot any longer. I usually shoot dual injector at around 299. so you actually leave the injector in the hot plastic between shoots so the plastic all around it an
  13. I'm trying to increase my efficiency/time in production across all my molds and I know buying higher cavity molds is one way, but what are your other ways to increase efficiency? my biggest time suckers are cleaning the injector between shoots, waiting for plastics to cool before I can pull them from the mold, and re-heating plastic. thanks
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