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  1. Daiwa is one of those reel companies who adamantly opposes end users opening and tinkering with their reels. And so for the last few years Daiwa has been doing things on the engineering side to make their reels more difficult to service. The magseal is one of those difficult ideas since it involves the use of a special proprietary magnetic fluid that is not available to end users but is available to official Daiwa reel service centers. What Daiwa is doing is making their reels so difficult to service that if an end user tries to get inside of one of their reels, that they will not be able to service it successfully due to special tool requirements, special magnetic fluid requirement, and need for specialized training of service techs to even be able to properly service these reels. So while it might be a great reel when bought new, to keep it running like new is going to cost the end user now having to pay for specialized servicing even for simple items. Manufacturers are doing this with other products like cars and electronics. The trend today is moving away from servicing and towards toss it and replace it. Lowrance sonars are today all done this way. There is no servicing of their units. If it fails. Replace it. Shimano has done things like put parts into reels that disintegrate if a petroleum oil or grease is used inside of their reels. Some of their old drag washers will turn to sticky goo if petroleum lubricants are used inside. And Shimano will not cover under warranty reels sent to them if Quantum hot sauce lubricant is found inside. This trend is only making our passion for fishing cost us more money... and difficulties.
  2. Daiwa Deluxe Spinning Reel Family Now Available Longer life, more power and torque, and high performance characterize the new Kage LT MQ Cypress, CA (November 13, 2020) – Behold the new standard in crossover saltwater and freshwater spinning reels, Daiwa’s brilliantly designed Kage LT MQ. The new Kage (pronounced kah-gay) LT MQ embodies a rich feature set, which starts with its one-piece MONOCOQUE Zaion body. This design framework yields more space for larger gears, thus promoting increased torque and power from the get-go… and at the same gear ratios of competitive reels. “What makes this reel special is just like the regular Kage LT, the LT MQ family features a MONOCOQUE frame and body. And, the whole Kage line is a dealer-driven reel series. We’re focused on the independent retailer. No internet sales for Kage. You can’t buy it from an online dealer. So, what we did when developing the Kage is creating a series specifically to help the independent local retailers. It means big online companies like Amazon can’t sell this product, so no price gauging. The Kage LT MQ is the highest quality Kage in the lineup at a price of $329.99 to $359.99, depending on reel size,” says Marc Mills, Daiwa Field Marketing Manager. “There are two key things about the Kage LT MQ. It’s constructed of Zaion, a carbon fiber body and frame, which makes it very lightweight and corrosion resistant. And of course, Kage LT MQ is manufactured using Daiwa’s exclusive MONOCOQUE technology, making it extremely lightweight and very rigid. It allowed us to put a much larger main gear and pinion gear in the reel and still create the same amount of gear ratio. You get the usual gear ratio, but with more power, more torque, and better leverage—plus, it offers longer gear life,” adds Mills. In terms of construction, the inventive Zaion MONOCOQUE body also offers 360 degrees of stability and improved waterproofing over standard spinning reels employing conventional, screw-in side plates. 360 degrees of stability means the gearing is held firmly and in precise alignment; the less gears shift side to side, the less binding and wear take place, and longer your new reel will feel fresh out-of-the-box. The MONOCOQUE body has no screw holes. Engineering-wise, when you introduce screw holes to a reel body, the holes must be built up with metal or plastic. That adds weight and decreases the amount of space inside the reel body for large gearing. In short, with MONOCOQUE, Daiwa can increase interior space to facilitate larger gearing and reduce overall weight, simultaneously. Lighter and more corrosion resistant than aluminum, Zaion is an exceptionally light but rigid material, which minimizes flex in the handle stem and gear box. Unlike reels that use rubber seals to protect the one-way roller bearing, Daiwa employs a proprietary system of waterproofing protection called Magseal. Magsealing uses a special magnetic bushing in conjunction with a magnetic weld to create an airtight and watertight oil seal, virtually eliminating the travel of contaminants or water down the main shaft and into the gear set or roller bearing. Daiwa’s patented Magseal process is so effective, it was originally used in the aerospace industry on space suits. The Kage LT MQ also features an air rotor engineered to be incredibly rigid and with minimal flex, especially at high drag pressures. Critically designed cut-outs reduce the weight of the rotor, too. The lighter the rotor, the less force it takes to spin around the reel, making it easier to turn the handle. The Kage LT MQ also features a tubular air bail, which further reduces weight and offers more rigidity than standard wire, minimizing concerns over flex, bending or breaking. The thicker material feels better to the fingers when flipping the tubular air bail as well. A7075 aircraft-grade aluminum DIGIGEAR® technology is another hallmark of the Kage LT MQ. The especially hard and lightweight aluminum is precision machined and digitally cut, making it considerably more resistant to wear than traditional gear materials on the market. Anglers fishing Kage LT MQ reels will appreciate Daiwa’s brilliant Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD™) when setting the hook and fighting fish. The smart system applies an increased, instantaneous, and calculated resistance during the hookset. After the hook drives home and the fish starts pulling, ATD automatically returns to the selected drag setting. Where reel meets angler, the Kage LT MQ features a machined screw-in handle that connects directly to the main drive gear. The other end of the handle features a premium, grippy cork handle knob, emblazoned with the Kage logo for aesthetic flair. BG MQ Features: One-piece MONOCOQUE ZAION body MAGSEALED AIR ROTOR and AIR BAIL A7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum DIGIGEAR® Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD™) Cork Style Handle Knob Machined aluminum screw in direct drive handle For freshwater and inshore anglers seeking their next premium, precision spinning reel, look no further than the Kage LT MQ, a reel engineered with advanced technology and constructed of the finest and most durable materials available. MSRP $329.99 – $359.99 For Daiwa’s latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa’s Customer Service Department at 562-375-6800 or e-mail inquiries to CSR@daiwa.com. The URL for Daiwa’s web site ishttp://www.daiwa.com/us/
  3. Be aware that some brands create internal parts in some reels that react with petroleum lubricants which can cause the part to break down and fail. In the shop all we are allowed to use is silicone grease and synthetic oil. There are no brands that I know of that recommend any petroleum based lubricants. So in the shop we use the same synthetic lubricants on all brands of reels.
  4. Love them old Shimano's. I still use a couple of Curado B series, the old green beans. Worked on more of them- and calcuttas- than I can count. Our shop is now 32 years old and still has some parts for the reels and a number of parts reels as well. Living in central Florida our shop gets in some really crusty corroded old reels people have used in saltwater around here until they grind to a stop. Kind of rewarding to bring most of them back to life. Amazing how many decades people can get out of these reels if maintained well and taken care of.
  5. I use them in all of my baitcast reels with no oil. I like the sound they make and, use it as one way to help judge casting. Some are quieter than others. I get them off ebay and, buy 10 at a time for a better deal. No issues. Work great. Will outlive me- and the reels. Kind of a new family heirloom to pass down to my boys- and they could outlive them as well and, be good and broken in halfway through their lives long after I'm gone. Conceivably, this ceramic material could last a century or more with ease. All I have to do is keep them clean and don't abuse them. And, I have not done any real distance tests, but I do believe they have increased my casting some and I can cast lighter lures with them since they are half the weight of steel bearings. It takes less weight to make them spin. Oil is not necessary but will quieten them down some.
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