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  1. UKandy


    Some really good info here guys thanks Andy.
  2. UKandy


    Wow! How did you think of that idea I will have a look into that over the weekend. Andy.
  3. Thanks for all the input guys JD your explanation was great, with good details, many thanks. I will have better confidence in giving this a go now! Thanks again Andy.
  4. Hi all, i was wondering if some of you guys who use the hinge pin method on swimbaits could please explain how you do it? I understand the twist eye to twist eye version of swimbaits, but im not to sure how you make the hinge pin version. Any pictures would be helpful also! Many thanks Andy.
  5. UKandy


    Thanks guys I will check those out for sure! Andy.
  6. UKandy


    Hi all, so I'm looking for some sound information from you guys please. My next purchase along my lure building journey will be a compressor, this will be used for painting purposes & I would like to ask what compressors you guys are using for this & why you chose that compressor? I would like to make a good choice, so I can buy once & have the correct piece of kit I don't mind spending a bit as long as it's right. Many thanks for any input! Andy.
  7. #1 looks shrimp like too me, I think it's cool, but I can't decide between #1 & #3 Andy.
  8. UKandy


    I too would agree with JD & Vodkaman 6 or 4 sound like the way to go buddy Andy.
  9. If drilling multiple holes would the empty holes have any effect on the lures action? Through drag etc, would it be best to tape over the unused holes or am I thinking too much into it That's normally the problem... when I start over thinking things! Andy.
  10. Glad to hear you figured it out buddy Andy.
  11. Brilliant information buddy I totally get what you are saying, it makes total sense, seeing your friend fish & tune the plugs must have been a real eye opener, I personally like the idea of tuning each lure & getting it just right, time consuming, yes, but hopefully the quality will shine through in the end. You've certainly got me thinking about this now, great read that, thank you. Andy.
  12. Interesting stuff big thank you! Andy.
  13. Sounds like you are on the ball with the resin mixes buddy, yeah Dave's got the chart, I'm just wondering what people are using first hand, without having to input all the data myself! I thought a few may help out Andy.
  14. Hi all Would like to ask a quick question please, which hopefully will get a good response and provide a wide range of information! So my question is, how much lead are you adding to your baits to achieve a slow rate of sink? If you could please state the material used for the lure, the lure size & the amount of lead used, that would be great! I think this will be interesting information for myself & some others, who are new to lure building Thank you Andy.
  15. An idea to try as an experiment maybe: after applying the foil set the bait aside for a few days, then apply a little warmth with a heat gun and smooth the tape again, even if it still looks smooth already, again set aside for a few days, wipe down and then try applying the paint. I'm wondering if that tape/foil is ment to take paint, not all are, we have a rainbow one at work and it's specifically made to take inks & paints. Usually if you get lifting on laminate, it's down to moisture either in the paper or the ink, so there is every chance it's the material below the foil you
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