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  1. Not sure what happened to the links..... Here it is again http://rvbprecision.com/
  2. I just finished a fun project to control the steering of a 2.5hp Kicker/Trolling motor on my boat with a 12V Linear Actuator. You can check it out with a quick video on my web site www.rvbprecision.com http://rvbprecision.com/shooting/linear-motor-for-kicker-trolling-motor-steering.html Comments appreciated...Thanks
  3. I'm new to the site. Is it possible to add a signature to a post? Can't find the how to anywhere. Thanks
  4. Rbertalotto

    twistech wire former

    I'm in the same hunt......Once Badbrad is fullfilled I would be interested in the second one.
  5. Anglin, Thank you for taking the time to explain this. Fantastic post right there. I learned a lot. I'll use all of this as I move forward with my lure making. Thanks again! Most of the trout I fish for are 'stocked"....and I would think might not be anywhere as aggressive as a wild trout. This might be why the fish I catch are only tail hooked. Like you said, they are simply nibbling at the tail of the lure.
  6. Interesting....You feel the belly hook is more important than the tail hook. Most fish I catch seem to be hooked by the tail hook.
  7. Im very new to lure building. With very small wood lures, is a belly hook really necessary? Same question with large lures. Floating or sinking, does it matter if it has a belly hook? Why treble hooks instead of a simple single hook? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Antonio, Beautiful work! I'm very new to lure building and I have a question. With lures this small, is a belly hook really necessary? In fact, on any size lure how important is the belly hook? Thanks
  9. Thanks Dave...Appreciate it!
  10. Never operated a wood lathe until tonight. Sharpened the turning tools and had at it with a piece of poplar. I think it came out nice. Jigskinz for now until I master airbrush. The issue I had was getting enough weight into it. I drilled a couple holes on the underside and balanced with a little heads up position. But I wanted to get it to 4oz and it turned out 3.5oz. Will be fishing it in Cape Cod Canal tomorrow!
  11. I bought a wet stone grinder system and a set of jigs to hold the tools for sharpening at the proper angles. My father used to say...."A dull tool is no tool!"
  12. Thanks Dave, yes I'm a member over there too. Hopefully this turns into a fun hobby.
  13. I had this roll around cabinet in the corner of the shop for years. I was concerned that at 6'2" tall , it would be too low. When the lathe arrived I couldn't believe my luck and how it fit perfectly bolted to the two rails. PERFECT! The lathe runs extremely smooth. Bought it on Amazon for around $250.
  14. I'm just getting involved with surf casting big baits for Strippers. Wanted to try making my own lures. My lathe came in today along with a ton of lure making stuff....Can't wait to startt and then wet them!
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