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  1. I’m interested can you call me please. 270-202-6080

  2. badbrad

    twistech wire former

    Long shot, I know....but looking for a twistech wire former if anyone has an extra or would like to sell. Thank You
  3. badbrad

    Wire former

    New to the site and was hoping I could gain some help/information from you experts. I'm attempting to make my own Umbrella rigs that are downsized and used for Hybrid and Crappie. I'm utilizing light wire, 24 guage size 8. I've tried to find a twis-tech wire former to make my bends and eyes but no one has one in stock and apparently they are way behind with production of these. Is there any other device that as good and simple as the twis-tech that doesn't cost a fortune? I'm spinning my wheels trying to figure out a way to get these made and the video I watched for the twis-tech seemed
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