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  1. Excellent points, these. Presently, it's taking me roughly 3 hours of actual hands-on work, per lure. The bulk of that (probably 50%) is spent painting. As I get better at it, and paint more than 1 or 2 baits at a time in the same pattern, this time will go down. Much of that painting time is spent cleaning the airbrush between colors. My target price point to enter the market with my first lure is $60. After taxes and materials costs, that leaves me about $45ish profit. From there comes income tax, plus time spent keeping the books, responding to customers, processing orders, t
  2. Ain't that the truth. There's a guy on there selling handmade wooden baits for $19.99. They aren't exactly the best looking lures out there (I wouldn't buy one, even for that cheap), but $19.99? I know what kind of materials costs are involved, and he should be paying 1.199 in FET on each one, so his profit can't be more than $10 per bait. That $1.199 would put a big dent in that if he was actually paying it. I don't know for sure, but I gotta think guys selling at that price are simply ignoring it. I don't know. I already registered. Filed the LLC and registered to collect sales t
  3. A buddy just got one of the higher-end X Carve machines. Spent upwards of $5k on it. I haven't been over the check it out myself yet, but he seems happy enough with it. It's a neat idea, but I'm still trying to nail down my design. The best laid plans do not survive the first encounter with the enemy, as the saying goes. Shipped a bunch of lures out to guys for testing, and I'm making some tweaks on the design based upon their feedback. Once I get it all sorted and begin offering them for sale, if they start flying out the door, maybe I'll consider a CNC. For now, I'm doing well eno
  4. You may want to revisit the type of epoxy you are using. Everyone is so quick to recommend etex, but I've found it's actually pretty terrible. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG cure times, inconsistent batch-to-batch, WAY too many bubbles, all manner of nonsense. I switched to Amazing Clear Cast. It cures faster, harder, and with none of the problems that etex had. It's also only in the mid-60s in my shop as well. No issues.
  5. That's lexan, not cb. Completely different. No way in hell I'd use a router for cb.
  6. I'd be very interested to hear how this works. I think the material might be a bit too brittle to use a punch press. I'm very interested in getting some .060 or .080 CB lips instead of just the .031 that are commercially available...
  7. Followup: 5233K51 from McMaster-Carr was perfect.
  8. I'd be careful with that. Iwata says immersing an airbrush can damage internal o-rings over time. I'm barely capable of operating the damn thing, not sure I'm up to the task of repairing one. LOL
  9. Yeah, apologies. I seem to forget that there are folks here making smaller baits as well. I don't use anything smaller than a 3/0, and when I step up to 11 or 12" baits, I'll likely go up to a 4/0 or 5/0. The KVD triple grip do go up to 7/0, indeed, but I just can't see my way to paying that much for hooks for lures that will be for sale. They are like 4-5 times the price of a 35656. I do like them for lures that are for my personal use, however.
  10. I have two HP-CS brushes, and have not had the problem you describe. To be clear, you're saying the trigging is sticking down - not back - so it continues to deliver air (and not paint) after you remove your finger, correct? I would think a drop of airbrush lubricant should address that problem. Both my brushes included a small tube of it in the box when I received them. I'm certainly no airbrush expert, but I have taken mine apart several times. Since the needle goes through the trigger, I would check to ensure the needle isn't bent (accidentally from cleaning?), and that the trigger
  11. It almost reminds me of a J-plug, but not quite..
  12. It does not appear that the Owners or the Decoys are available in useful sizes.
  13. Update: The tubing from McMaster Carr arrived. It was much too big. I ordered 1/16" ID tubing this time. Slightly more expensive at $9.50 for 50 feet, but this should be the ticket. Part # 5233K51 Higher price adds 7 cents per lure instead of 6. Still well within acceptable range.
  14. Thanks!! In case anyone else is interested or is looking for this tubing, I ordered a 50' roll of part number 5233K52 from McMaster Carr. It's 1/8" ID, 1/4" OD. Should do the trick. It was $8. At 1/2" of tubing per hook point, it should be enough to do ~133 lures and adds 6 cents to the cost of each lure.
  15. SO. A bit of an update to all this: I got a planer for Christmas. Likely more than I need for this small project (the wood is 1"x4"x4'), but maybe I'll work on larger stuff in the future? Anyhow.. I got a Dewalt 13" 3 blade, 2-speed planer. Setup was very easy, I had it off the porch, into the garage, assembled, and planed 5 boards from 3/4" (actual) to 1/2" (actual). Then I threw them on the table saw (bought a used from from a friend for $50 - it's small and crappy, but it gets the job done with ease) and cut them to length. Took them down to the shop, hit them with the belt
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