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  1. That's lexan, not cb. Completely different. No way in hell I'd use a router for cb.
  2. I'd be very interested to hear how this works. I think the material might be a bit too brittle to use a punch press. I'm very interested in getting some .060 or .080 CB lips instead of just the .031 that are commercially available...
  3. Followup: 5233K51 from McMaster-Carr was perfect.
  4. I'd be careful with that. Iwata says immersing an airbrush can damage internal o-rings over time. I'm barely capable of operating the damn thing, not sure I'm up to the task of repairing one. LOL
  5. Yeah, apologies. I seem to forget that there are folks here making smaller baits as well. I don't use anything smaller than a 3/0, and when I step up to 11 or 12" baits, I'll likely go up to a 4/0 or 5/0. The KVD triple grip do go up to 7/0, indeed, but I just can't see my way to paying that much for hooks for lures that will be for sale. They are like 4-5 times the price of a 35656. I do like them for lures that are for my personal use, however.
  6. I have two HP-CS brushes, and have not had the problem you describe. To be clear, you're saying the trigging is sticking down - not back - so it continues to deliver air (and not paint) after you remove your finger, correct? I would think a drop of airbrush lubricant should address that problem. Both my brushes included a small tube of it in the box when I received them. I'm certainly no airbrush expert, but I have taken mine apart several times. Since the needle goes through the trigger, I would check to ensure the needle isn't bent (accidentally from cleaning?), and that the trigger
  7. It almost reminds me of a J-plug, but not quite..
  8. It does not appear that the Owners or the Decoys are available in useful sizes.
  9. Update: The tubing from McMaster Carr arrived. It was much too big. I ordered 1/16" ID tubing this time. Slightly more expensive at $9.50 for 50 feet, but this should be the ticket. Part # 5233K51 Higher price adds 7 cents per lure instead of 6. Still well within acceptable range.
  10. Thanks!! In case anyone else is interested or is looking for this tubing, I ordered a 50' roll of part number 5233K52 from McMaster Carr. It's 1/8" ID, 1/4" OD. Should do the trick. It was $8. At 1/2" of tubing per hook point, it should be enough to do ~133 lures and adds 6 cents to the cost of each lure.
  11. SO. A bit of an update to all this: I got a planer for Christmas. Likely more than I need for this small project (the wood is 1"x4"x4'), but maybe I'll work on larger stuff in the future? Anyhow.. I got a Dewalt 13" 3 blade, 2-speed planer. Setup was very easy, I had it off the porch, into the garage, assembled, and planed 5 boards from 3/4" (actual) to 1/2" (actual). Then I threw them on the table saw (bought a used from from a friend for $50 - it's small and crappy, but it gets the job done with ease) and cut them to length. Took them down to the shop, hit them with the belt
  12. Would you happen to know what size I need?
  13. That'd be fantastic if I only had 2 hooks.. The tail hook will still cause problems.
  14. Every musky show I go to, a majority of the lures have the points on the hooks covered with some form of plastic tubing. Sitting on the boat, I always bitch about how difficult it is to remove, but now that I'm making lures, I understand the purpose. I used to think it was to prevent people from getting "stuck" by the hooks at the shows. Nay, it's for preventing hook rash during transport! I will be shipping some lures to people for testing, and with any luck, will be selling some online. Any idea where I can find said plastic tubing? I don't even know what to search for, but I'm rel
  15. I haven't tried his epoxy yet, but as you noted, in the US there is no shortage of available products. I just coated a batch with Alumalite Clear Cast, and I like it a LOT better than etex. We'll see how they end up.
  16. Indeed, Joe is a lure maker. In a GOOD year, he may make 500 lures. They truly are works of art. He only sells at shows, and sells out within hours of the show opening, even at the outrageous prices he charges. His shop is a few hours from me in St Paul, MN. There are a few videos of him floating around on YouTube and the amazing processes he goes through to make his lures. I've gotten some inspiration for my own baits from watching him.
  17. exx1976


    I may be somewhat in the minority on this, but I view lures as a consumable item, much like fishing line. You wouldn't musky fish with line that is 3 seasons old and sun bleached and frayed, so don't go tying on a lure that has cracks and chips in it that is suspect to water intrusion. Don't get me wrong - I try my best to build the best baits I can, but these guys that spend all manner of time doing 2 coats of epoxy sealing, and letting that cure off for 3 days prior to paint, and then they paint, then they put 2 more coats of epoxy on... To be honest, I just find that silly. At the e
  18. That looks like a manufacturer website, no way to place an order on the site. Also says minimums apply, so I doubt they'd be very interested in selling 1 roll to a hobby bait maker...
  19. Your base coat color will depend on what you're going for. Most times I use white, but sometimes black. As for clears & finishes, that will depend on what kind of bait you're making. Cleaners and reducers, get the ones that match the paint you're using. They're going to be different for different types of paint (water based, etc).
  20. It's definitely been a challenge to try to keep it pared down to only a handful of lures to test, and only once per week at that. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak, so I try to get in and out of there as quickly as possible. The pool lights are on a timer so as to not keep guests awake (it's an odd layout - the pool is in the middle of the hotel, and the rooms - multiple stories - all look into the pool area, so I can only be there while the pool is open to the guests, because then the lights turn off). Sunday nights are typically their lowest occupancy, and they a
  21. Yeah, I'm a solid 4-5 hours north of you yet, so everything here has been frozen for over a month already. Luckily, a friend of mine owns a restaurant/bar in a hotel, and his brother owns the hotel, so they let me use the pool late Sunday evenings if I need. I always be sure to patronize the bar for dinner & a beer to say thanks.
  22. For the second Sunday in a row, I spent the evening at the indoor pool at a local hotel, testing baits. Last week I tested 4, and 1 showed a bit of promise - but I accidentally built a suspending bait instead of a floating bait. This week, I took 4 more, identical in every way save for weight placement. Finally nailed it! Give this a watch and let me know what you guys think.
  23. Hey - if your first batch actually swims, you did better than I did my first attempt out. LOL I'm on iteration #3 of my crankbaits. Iteration #2 had one promising lure of the 4 I tested, so now I've made 4 more with slight variations on weight placement nose to tail, and I hope to be able to test those in a local hotel pool Sunday night. With any luck, one of those 4 will end up my production version. Not bad, considering I'm almost 3 months into this. LOL
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