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  1. I drive by your place every time I go lol. Which is multiple times per year. Park at Andy’s and launch from there. Last year I had to launch at perch bay though as I’m told there’s some politics going on at the launch at Locke bay. Won’t get into that tho lol.
  2. I made almost exact replicas of a couple of my favourite lures. Next ones will be a variation of those I think.
  3. So I finished my first batch. Thank-you everyone for the advice. Worth it's weight in gold. Quite happy with the way the run. Made MANY mistakes along the way. Not happy with how blotchy the epoxy set. I made a rotisserie, and hit them with a heat gun - but not the most ideal finish to be honest (30 minute epoxy). My eyes aren't the size I wanted - I had ordered some online, and are"6-8 weeks behind" on shipping. I had to pivot and get other ones - that don't fit the way I want. I used an avacado bag for the scales - my template didn't show up. I need a good firetiger template.
  4. I am making my first lures as well. I got 060 SS tig welding wire and it seemed to do the trick. I got 10 3 foot pieces for 5 bucks. Seemed reasonable.
  5. Sorry I forgot to add the photo.
  6. How many hooks you guys thinking here? 2 or should I move the front one forward and do 3 like a Joe Bucher Lure? Split rings are on order - I know that line won't work lol. I also know I can just hang the hook on the SS eyes but I like the way this looks for now lol... Thanks everyone
  7. Unfortunately swimming pools/hotels/community swimming pools are all currently closed. Kenora is never a bad option for Musky fishing. Totem lodges are first class (I'd stick to the West side myself). September isn't the best time of year for Musky fishing out there. Opener (3rd week of June) is phenomenal. Usually really good until July. Will pick up again in October. Not to say you can't catch them then. It's just not the 'best' time. Where abouts is your place? Buddy of mine has a cabin out there too - that's where I normally go. Park at Locke Bay and head North towards mer
  8. Yeah that's the guy lol. He's got some good videos on there for sure. Thanks for all the tips you guys. Once I get these ballasts down I'll let you know how it goes. I won't be doing them all at once. I'm hoping that my replication idea will make it "good enough" for the Christmas shipment lol. I don't have anywhere to toss them in. Winter's here and pools are closed. If they suck, then blame santa. Right?
  9. I do mean 4/0 hooks my bad! I do know who Jay Siemens is - just not personally. He's a fantastic vlogger. Uncut Angling is a big one up here as well. Him and Aaron Wiebe are buddies. Check it out if you haven't seen it. You'll go down the rabbit hole on the uncut channel I'm sure.
  10. Too late... lol. And there's more than 10. We'll see how it goes!
  11. Hey everyone! Like many of us, I've become increasingly bored with Covid regulations putting a stranglehold on my social life. Luckily I think I've found a new hobby to help pass my time. In the summer months, I'm lucky enough to fish the Winnipeg River System, and LOTW near Kenora, Ontario. I fish primarily the WPG River. On that particular body of water, from opener to mid-summer crankbaits seem to move the most fish. On LOTW, you'll see bucktails will move the most fish. In the fall, where casting just causes ice to form on the eyelets trolling is the ticket on both waters. I w
  12. Nice thread! I'm brand new to lure making thanks to Covid. I'm jumping right in making about 10 shallowraiders for musky. I've carved and sanded them, now cutting the bills, and getting ready to weigh the ballast. I'm curious as to where I can find this spreadsheet. I just signed up for this site and see I've got lots to learn! I've done the density part on my own already, but this chart has so much more to offer in accuracy! TIA
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