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  1. It does seem Solarez is a bit finicky, but Alumi-uv is more than I can afford. Maybe I should give D2T a try. For now solarez works and I just wipe the top coat with alcohol. I don't suppose anyone here has used the KBS spray on stuff? At this point if I could find a thin, quick drying top layer to put over the solarez I woukd be content with it. Normal rattle can clear coat melts on contact with soft plastics (I learned that the hard way), but I wonder if automobile touch-up cans are different. Best regards, MMP
  2. After about 2 weeks of air drying fingerprints won't stick to the lure, so I wouldn't say never goes away. Bob's idea with the alcohol worked when I tried it again, last time I had sprayed on 70% so it was uneven and resulted in a rough surface. This time I tried cutting the alcohol by 20% with water and applying with a microfiber towel, resulting in a glossy finish. It seems very hit and miss with the amount of fingerprints, actually stirring the resin helped and so did using a lure turner instead of dipping. I will post an image as soon as possible.
  3. I tried it a few times, but to no success. Most of the time it stopped fingerprints from showing, but it also made the surface more satin than gloss. Any other suggestions? Maybe I should try denatured alcohol. It's starting to get on my nerves, although it's probably a result of something I am doing wrong. Thank you.
  4. Ok, thanks Bob. I will try that later today after I finish painting.
  5. Hey everybody, I decided to start using solarez low-voc dual cure for clear coating and I noticed that even after an hour of curing under a powerful UV nail curing light that you can still smudge the finish with your finger. One thing that maybe causing it is that I haven't been stirring it too well before applying. Could too thick of a coat also cause this? Thanks for your help.
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