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Found 82 results

  1. I am looking to get started with painting my own crankbaits and was wondering what all i needed to do it. Hoping someone could tell me all the things i need to get to get started. Also where are places to get blanks, hooks, etc for crankbaits. What types of paint are the best to use and whats best for clear coating. Anything that i would need to know to paint my own baits would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hi there , folks , Just made a little video this morning displaying my latest lure design . Some of you guys and gals out there might have seen my previous weightshifter lures made from timber turned down on a lathe , .....now I took it to the next level . The working effort just did not become less , but this lure made of artificial material has the advantage of not being vulnerable to water sepage , provided that the glue would seal off all parts properly , ...so a careful glueing proccees is in order . I'm still a bit concerned whether the lexan core with the mounted hook hangers would hold up well against strong fish , ........but on the other hand the epoxy glue would surely add a great deal to the lure's stability later . Gonna test that prototype for it's casting perfprmance coming weekend , .......hope that the working week would come to pass in a breeze ! Any question or critics welcome , ............thanks for your interest , ....greetz , diemai
  3. Looking to get into luremaking full swing, and I really want to start off with larger sized flat sided cranks. Bought some from both LPO and netcraft (only 7/16" wide, in both sizes and not full bodied enough), but they were not as large as what I want. I think what I'm looking for is a body size about like the Bagley's B-flat, or larger. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  4. Ive been experimenting with foil wrapping my crankbaits, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to go about painting them to get a nice shine. I've read that you're supposed to coat the lure before painting, but I'm thinking that if you don't paint the foil before coating, that the foil won't shine through the paint... I painted one last night directly on the foil and it doesn't shine through either (the paint is opaque, so you can't even tell that I foil wrapped it, it looks like a normal painted lure). I was told that "glass paint" or "window paint" will allow the foil to shine through the paint. WHAT KIND OF PAINT DO YOU GUYS USE WHEN FOIL WRAPPING? AND HOW DO YOU GO ABOUT THE WHOLE PROCESS?
  5. Hi everyone , I am new to the forum and new to painting lures. I came across something today that might be an interesting option for painting lures. I have just experimented with a few lures spraying the Tamiya model spray cans and have had decent results. So today I am surfing the web and come across these paints. http://dixieart.com/Montana_Alien.html http://www.mtncolors.com/products/47-spraypaint-category-detail Montana Colors also sells different spray nozzles to achieve different effects including some very fine lines. The smaller "Alien" and "Micro" cans are about the same price as model spray paint cans if not cheaper. What is your opinion on this do you think they would work? Ross Central , Arkansas
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