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Found 32 results

  1. Jaraal

    1, 2 & 3 Testing testing

    Jaraal Original TOOTHGRINDER prototype. 11 cm 45 gram. Pure oiled oakbait with one hook. Pike 95 cm 6.6kg. Nice first tryout indeed. With best regards Jari Aalto aka Jaraal

    © Jari Aalto

  2. Pickadoll

    First Own model

    This is my first own lure model ! Firetiger color. Jerkbait 15cm long. 58grams without hooks before coating process Made of Smooth on plastic Feather lite.
  3. Griffond

    First Jerkbait Ever

    So this is finally done gonna take it swimming tomorrow not the best paint job I'll call it the smiling jerk! lol Brush painted with acrylic paints and coated in D2T
  4. Cyberflexx

    6-8-2013 jerkbait

    Jerkbait I painted the other day. I used custom mixed chartruese on the sides, pearl white on the top, with mask and aqua with 2 drops of light blue mixed, orange belly and pink throat. Sharpie red gill, sharpie yellow lateral line. stick on red eyes and epoxy coated. I'm getting better and better, what ya think of this one?
  5. SCAngler


    1st attempt at a suspending slash style bait
  6. Hi , folks , Lurefishing was dead slow yesterday , just pretty much imperfect weather for successful lure fishing ! Took this rod and lure bag along first time after years of catching dust down the basement , ......usually I prefer using lighter lures and rods to be able to lure multiple species apart from pike only , ......but some folks told me , that in these heavily pressured fishing club ponds one needs bigger lures to catch better pike , so I gave it a shot . Looks like I've still gotta wait for more fall-like weather , ........colder temps , strong winds and grey skies are much better conditions for successful lure fishing and also bigger predators over here . Anyway , nothing worked out , so I thought about doing this little clip displaying my gear : tight lines , diemai
  7. Hi there , folks , Yesterday I've been fishing a smaller old gravel pit owned by a fishing club where I have membership . Cast and worked back a homemade "Heiddy" sinking glider(in Europe we call it a jerkbait)for the third time and suddenly had a fish on , ..........after hauling back twice to set the hooks I've felt secure enough to try and capture the event on film and picked out my camera from my jacket's chest pocket . In expectation to have hooked a small pike , which is the typical target species for glidebaits over here(well , not only small ones ) , I was pretty much surprised to see a nice zander(close relative of your American walleye) surface and suddenly became very anxious that I might still loose it in the end , ........I did not even know , that this species was stocked in that pond , and usually they hardly take such kinda lures as well . But everything went on fine and I was able to land that well fed fish of 27" length , ......good average size but big for that pond , I suppose . This catch was the only one for that session yesterday , but it surely made my day ! But such attempts filming fighting fish after having hooked them could also go terribly wrong , as I've experienced a few months ago : But this time it worked out , ......here is another picture of the zander and lure ! greetz , diemai
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