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Found 20 results

  1. This is a side view of my battery powered vibrating cicada. The colors are orange and black. The eyes are also orange.
  2. Bogbaits

    Bogbaits Green Mamba

    Bogbaits Green Mamba Rattle Snake Lure,these come in 6 inch and 8 inch versions,custom colored plastic and custom painted,these have a 3 ball Pyrex glass rattle inserted in the tail ,they also come in slow sinking and Floating version to give our customers the different options,realistic 3d Snake eyes add to the look of this Very Cool Snake lure,they have a crazy tail action when worked properly with the extra weight of the rattle in the tail.
  3. m_vandorn

    IMG 0731

    One of my latest battery powered vibrating lure with YUM 3" grub soft bait tail. Flat nose.
  4. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating Glide Bait

    One of my latest battery powered vibrating lure with YUM 3" grub soft bait tail. Glidebait
  5. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating Glide bait

    One of my latest battery powered vibrating lure with YUM 3" grub soft bait tail. This is a glide bait showing the battery compartment opened.
  6. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating shaky minnow

    One of my latest battery powered vibrating lure with YUM 3" grub soft bait tail. This shows the battery compartment opened.
  7. m_vandorn

    My Shake 'N Shad

    I've made many different solar powered lure designs and of all of them, this design and the Solar Popper design are my favorite solar powered designs. With that said, however, the battery powered vibrating lures are now my main focus because they are even more effective at attracting fish. The battery powered versions can be used in so many lure designs because they do not require the sun to activate the vibrating motor. I currently have several battery powered designs in prototype and test. The cicada is my first completed design.
  8. I thought I'd try to make a GIF file to show how the lure vibrates on the water.
  9. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating Cicada in the water

    Picture of the battery powered vibrating cicada lure in the water. This lure is similar to the one entered in the contest except for one improvement. The head has been reduced in size slightly to make more in proportion to the body.
  10. m_vandorn

    Prototype soft tail vibrating topwater lure

    Like my cicada lure, this lure is a battery powered vibrating topwater lure. Unlike the cicada, where the head of the lure is the cap to the battery compartment, the cap to the motor compartment of this lure is where off-the-shelf soft baits tails can be attached to the lure. The soft bait on the lure in the picture is a YUM 3" yellow grub. The bass was caught with a YUM yellow twin tail attached to it. I will be making a swim tail soft bait for this lure too. I've not found an off-the-shelf swim tail that I can use. This lure is still in the prototype stage because I have not yet finalized the look. The concept is complete because I love the way this lure attracts bass. If all goes well, I should have the look of the lure completed in the next 6 - 8 weeks.
  11. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating Cicada lures

    The battery powered vibrating cicada in two colors, different form the one I entered in the contest.
  12. m_vandorn

    The Solar popper from the back side

    Here is another picture of my solar poppers design.
  13. m_vandorn

    Solar Powered Vibrating Popper Bugs

    After learning how to make molds for resin lures, I started making a solar powered vibrating bug type lure I call the solar popper. These lures take a #4 treble hook.
  14. m_vandorn

    The Stinger....Solar Powered vibrating lure

    This is the my first vibrating solar powered lure design made in 2013. It was shaped from a 1/2" thick piece of balsa wood. It is 1 1/2" (Long) x 1/2" (Wide) x 5/8" (Tall). The motor compartment was cut out with a 1/4" dremel bit using my dremel tool. The solar cell was inlayed / sealed on the top.
  15. Bogbaits

    Bogs Topwater Rats

    These are Bogbaits Topwater Rats,made from a silicone mold, we added our floating additive to our hard Plastisol to achieve just the right Buoyancy,Custom paint using the Vip Soft Plastic Lure Paint,mixed the paint light to achieve the effect with air brush,we added our Cool solid Black 3d eyes,then we hand dipped the entire rat in a clear hard plastisol to tuff it up,we like to add a 4/0-6/0 widegap hook!!!These are killer on and over any weedbed but are also great in open water when jerked,they actually dart side to side!!!
  16. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating Cicada

    My Lure was made by hand carving a master lure body and head. The head acts as a watertight cap to the battery / motor compartment. The lure is 45 mm in length, made with a through wire to connect the fishing on one end and a treble hook on the other. It is capable to hold up to a #4 treble hook. It uses one AG3/LR41 size, replaceable battery. The Battery life, while seemingly short, at 15 minutes, is not a problem because the lure has been designed for rapid battery replacement. It takes less than 8 seconds to change the battery. Additionally, battery cost is very low (less than $0.05 each on eBay). The best thing about the lure's vibrating sound is much like that of a bug and it really does work to attract fish. If I could show more pictures, I would show some of the really nice size bass I have caught with it, and other vibrating lures I have made.
  17. SugarHillBaits

    Summer gill Trap

    My version of Summer gill pattern, I used a Rat-L-trap style blank painted with a pearl white base followed by sunfish yellow , some violet for the stripes a bright orange belly and then added some violet hi-light mist to obtain a brilliant natural look, then finished with 2 coats of durable finish.

    © SugarHillBaits- Jason Jennings

  18. O'l Robzilla

    The "Killer Gold Fish"!

    Just another out of the box design.

    © RLM.

  19. mdojet

    Pumpkin Back Red Eye Shad

    Pumpkin Back Red Eye Shad in a lipliss lure body. Red gill outline for added attraction..

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  20. Donnybrooks1979