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Found 33 results

  1. Bold Bluegill Crank

  2. Bluegill Pattern

    Outside the box.

    © RLM

  3. PVC crankbait in bluegill pattern

    Just a little crank bait I made from PVC. Moves a lot like a wiggle wart in the water.

    © AC2016

  4. BG, winter

    This is an early spring color bluegill with copper pearl on top
  5. First Posted Bait

    Hello TU clan. Thanks for all the groundwork and experiments you guys have done. Soo much great information. So here she is, my first posted bait. Not my first bait. I used to make a ton of triple trout clones by pouring epoxy. Here is how she was made. PVC board blank hand carved, Foil finish technique posted by Husky- i based my blanks off of a picture and used that same photo to make the three separate graphics. one for the belly and each side. sealed with two coats solarez tail is temporary laminated plastic sheeting- any input on a permanent replaceable tail would be huge hook hangers are hand twisted wire where i live they just banned lead weights so i had to buy a mold and hand pour those too It is a suspending (almost perfect) wide S swimmer. pulls almost 1.5 ft turns with a slight roll like a sick bluegill.
  6. MD KO

    Top photo is unfinished dark photo if the finished bait beneath!
  7. 1.5 Silent

  8. Spro Md KO

    Sorry the picture is a little dark!
  9. Summer gill Trap

    My version of Summer gill pattern, I used a Rat-L-trap style blank painted with a pearl white base followed by sunfish yellow , some violet for the stripes a bright orange belly and then added some violet hi-light mist to obtain a brilliant natural look, then finished with 2 coats of durable finish.

    © SugarHillBaits- Jason Jennings

  10. Balsa Bluegill Crankbait

    First fat bodied crankbait ive made. It is the size of a lc 2.5. It has a really hard thump and deflects off cover really well.
  11. new batch of crankbaits

    Here are some balsa baits I finished last week. I got a chance to test them out the other day and they run pretty good.
  12. bluegill wakebait

    This is a wakebait I made painted to look like a bluegill. It is carved from poplar and is made with swivel hook hangers that are pinned in place by the eye screws and the epoxied in. It has a screw lock on the back to atach different tails. The total length with the tail is about 7 inches.
  13. swimbait

    This is a double jointed swimbait i made a little while back. It has rotating hook hangers and is top coated with envirotex.
  14. image

    A bluegillish color I came up with.
  15. Female Bluegill

    5" Female Bluegill.
  16. Tmp 21097 IMAG0205 858675120

    Little nest guarding snacks!
  17. Here's a silicone swimbait I made. The color won't wear off because it's built in! It's a line through top hook.

    © Gail Ratcliff

  18. photo 3

    No clear yet, but ready to go!

    © Robzilla

  19. Gill Pattern

    Gill Pattern, your comments are welcomed!
  20. bluegill

    © Junebugs Custom Baits

  21. bluegill pattern

    This bait was made to look like a central illinois bluegill
  22. bluegill pattern

    This bait was made to look like a bluegill.