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Found 14 results

  1. I have done a lot of work on ballast calculators in the past. I have never offered them up for use by TU members because I considered them complicated and clumsy. This one however, I consider to be very slick and versatile. You can enter data from a first prototype and it will calculate how much ballast you need to add or subtract to achieve the buoyancy that you desire, be it slow sink, neutral or float. Boxes 1 and 2 are merely to collect data on the body material in order to obtain the material density. Boxes 3 and 4 are measured from a completed lure with hardware, hoo
  2. What is the best way to put weight in a crankbait without a lead pot?
  3. Can anyone tell me how companies like Rapala and Spro are making these paint jobs with such crazy detail? Are they using a computer? I have a customer who wants me to duplicate the Spro Fire Craw pattern and it’s crazy detailed! If this is a computerized wrap, how do I get into this?
  4. I've been painting my own crankbaits using Createx Paint (transparent white as primer coat) and DN-S81 as a clear coat and have noticed that as I'm fishing them and as the finish chips off from hit rocks or whatever that the original color show through. What I mean is the primer coat I put on and all comes off as the finish but the original color does not. How do I solve this? Should I clear coat after I prime the bait? Is there a way to completely remove the original color? Thanks for the help! What a great site.
  5. hey guys its been a while sense I've posted here. i am trying to design a new type of crank, at least i don't believe its been made before, i have looked and haven't found anything on the net. anyway, its made from soft plastic. the problem i am having is that i can't get the bait to track straight before it rolls and blows out. a thought came to me last night in bed (when i do my best thinking!!!) that the force and pressure on the lip is probably causing the plastic to actually move, there for changing the angle of attack of the lip, and THAT could be way the bait rolls and blows out.
  6. O'l Robzilla

    Bass Pattern

    One of my favorite's. Love the action on this little fella!
  7. O'l Robzilla

    The Reaper!

    The picture does this bait no justice. It has Sparkling Blue Sky base paint with a transparent Purple top coat. Its killer in the sun and I'll ad flake to the clear coat.

    © RLM.

  8. Reelentless

    Scale work

    Just a 3" crank I was messing around with trying to get a nice tucked under scale effect. Should've paid more attention to color scheme but the bass around here tend to like brown. Hopefully with alot of practice I can duplicate it on a perch or gill pattern. Createx paint and cement sealer top coat.

    © Reelentless

  9. seklure

    crank sebile

  10. Reelentless


    Just starting out about 6 months into it. Practicing with stencils and different color combos. Turned out definately different..lol..Call it my Hawaii Five-O bait. Createx paint-GST finish
  11. These are my thoughts, opinions and ideas on hunting lures, after six years of investigation and building hunters. All open for discussion, you can disagree and add your own ideas. If you don’t want to read the technical stuff, you can skip to the last paragraph, but don’t whinge about it, there are people who do like to read this stuff. What is hunting – a regular or irregular stepping away from the line of retrieval. The lure zigzags but the lure always returns to center and the retrieval is still basically a straight line. What is so good about hunting – I believe that it is change
  12. marcus_fontana


    hard wood (pine)
  13. marcus_fontana


    hard wood (pine)
  14. marcus_fontana


    hard wood (pine)
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