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Found 69 results

  1. Best Clear Coat

    I know I'm probably opening a can of worms here but I need advice on the best clear coat for finishing my baits after they've been painted. I want the paint job I put out to be an equal to what you find at the stores. This seems to be a big secret. I started out using water based paints, and 2 part epoxy as a finish. Then moved on to the different MCUs (DN, Garco, Diamond, etc..) and they just aren't like what you get from large scale manufacturers. What are they using?!? Is it a secret MCU receipe? Is it automotive finish? Oil paints? I've stayed away from oil paints and automotive finish for the health reasons but am open to ideas. Please help!!
  2. I have been painting baits for a while now on a small scale using a Pasche Talon (gravity fed) with water based createx paints. I want to start painting lots of baits the same color patterns to sell them. I've noticed some videos online of people doing this and oftentimes the paint container is attached the the bottom of the airbrush. What is the best setup for this? I can definitely see the advantage of not having to constantly put drops of paint in the hopper. Any recommendations on equipment for somone wanting to go from a hobbyist to start painting large scale?
  3. Bold Bluegill Crank

  4. New logo

    Hey fellow tackle makers. I'm not entirely sure where to post this so I apologize in advance if it's in the wrong spot. I'm looking to get a better logo for our custom painting side business but running into a problem. No graphic designer seems to know anything about fishing. Are there any graphic designers that frequent this site and could help me out? If so, message me or email me (faster response) at Thanks Drew
  5. Foiling Hardbaits

    Hi Guys, I recently tried my hands on making a crankbait with foil scales on it, I'm extremely happy with the result. Let me know what you think. I'd love to know if anyone else uses silver foil/tape as well and what technique they use.
  6. Hello I`ve not done any crankbaits in ages so this was a challenge and it took avery long time to get them right. These have a very wounded type of action, spastic and unpredictable. Goes deep. Rattle inside. The fins are soft so they will bend when fish strike. Cheers from Jaraalbaits sweden
  7. Tackle Kraft Shad

    hated to see these go. Thanks for looking y'all!
  8. Hello all, Just started selling my custom painted cranks and I have a question. Should I be asking for payment before I start on a custom order? I'd hate to paint a handful of baits a certain way and then have that person not pay.... Thoughts?
  9. I have been painting crankbaits and clear coating them with devcon 2 part epoxy and some with Garco/DNS81 MCU's. I have a couple of cranks where the finish didn't turn out so well. My question is, how do I remove this finish so that I can re-paint the bait? Any tricks? Or should I just rough it up, prime, paint, and seal again? The devcon seems like it will be especially difficult to remove as it seems to form an egg shell type coating around the bait., whereas the MCU's seem to almost soak into the paint.
  10. Help with re-paint!!

    I've been painting my own crankbaits using Createx Paint (transparent white as primer coat) and DN-S81 as a clear coat and have noticed that as I'm fishing them and as the finish chips off from hit rocks or whatever that the original color show through. What I mean is the primer coat I put on and all comes off as the finish but the original color does not. How do I solve this? Should I clear coat after I prime the bait? Is there a way to completely remove the original color? Thanks for the help! What a great site.
  11. How To Paint More Effeciently??

    I've gotten into custom painting crankbaits and trying to sell them recently. I have had no issues selling them but my question is, how are so many people able to sell custom painted baits at $10 or $15 per bait? It takes me a couple hours to paint one color pattern, which makes $10 per bait hardly worth it, but with so many people offering this price there has to be a way to speed this up. What can I do to speed this up? I've been trying to paint multiple baits at a time but if someone sends me a single bait to paint, it still takes a couple hours to prime and paint. Are people using multiple airbrushes, do they know a better way than me to clean the gun between colors, will I get faster as I gain experience, what's the secret?? Seems that right now cleaning the gun between colors is what takes up the majority of my time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  12. Crankbait/Wobbler instructions?

    Hi everyone! I have made lures for about 4 years now. Mainly Jerkbait gliders and Tailbaits for pikefishing but I never made any crankbait/wobblers. I want to learn how to make Crankbaits now cause I like trolling for pike :)! Here is my questions: How do I know how thick the radius of the lip should be compared to how thick the wood of the lure is? How do I know how near the front/head of the lure I should attach the lip? How long should the lip be? How sensitive is a crankbait for different weight positions? Is there some kind of formula for these moments as a starting point for a newbie or is it just trial and error (as usual) :)? You can see the lures I've done before at Instagram: pickadollbaits Thanks! /David
  13. Hi from Poland! My name is Peter. About 6-7 ears ago ive back to making my own plugs. It Was mostly resin lures like: crankbaits, jerkbaits, spoons, and many lipless lures. For now im in teh middle of translating tutorial about resin basics and will show it to you when im done. Here's a few of my recent lures. Jerkbais: Spoons: Hybrid crankbait (Enigma1) Some custom crank And a lipless minnows
  14. Painting Stripes On A Crankbait

    I been painting Lures for a long time now. one effect that I'm seeing lately and I hope I can explain is that I see cranks with wavy vertical lines on the sides of the Crankbait in a different color than the body of the lure and then there is an outline of the wavy stripes in yet a third color and it looks great. I can think of ways to achieve that with stencils but the blending im seeing in my opinion must be done with a different method. Does anyone know how this is achieved ?
  15. PVC crankbait in bluegill pattern

    Just a little crank bait I made from PVC. Moves a lot like a wiggle wart in the water.

    © AC2016

  16. Wiggle Wart Eyes

    I Need some help with Wiggle Wart eyes. Is there a stencil out there that people are using? I did manage to get one out of 4 attempts. But that was just a matter of dotting the middle of the eye. I'm trying to find the correct hole sizes but my attempts at making something perfectly round and pliable enough to bend around the blank hasn't been productive. Thanks Ron
  17. 20160822 180629

    I' ve been painting for about 3 months. This is the 1st one that I felt was good enough to post of TU. I don't know what that spot behind the eye is. It only shows up on the picture. Ron
  18. Summer Breeding Gill

    1.5 crankbait "Summer Breeding Bluegill" pattern. Createx and Wicked Colors, lure stencil from Lure Colour Studio. Design by me. Find it at Thanks for looking!
  19. Juvenile Rainbow Trout

    This is my attempt at painting a juvenile rainbow trout, where they're going from the fingerling stage with the blotches into their adult coloration. If you have any suggestions, I will absolutely welcome them!

    © Andrew Carrell 2016

  20. Splatter Crappie

    Splatter crappie pattern - great in the springtime, good all season long
  21. 100 6385a

    Summer Gilly Pattern - great in clear water - JEK
  22. 20160625 203605[1]

    Carved this bait from basswood. Modeled similar to Lucky Craft BDS3. Twisted wire hook hangar thru belly weight. Long twisted wire hangars for line tie and rear hangar. Not thru wired. Each hangar secured with D2T. I'm not worried about thru wiring with bass wood but I do my hangar drill holes all the way thru, fill the entire hole up with D2T then D2T my twisted wire and insert. Home made circuit board lip from LPO circuit board sheet. I mark them out with a square, scribe, cut with band saw, then finish sand to the lines with a 1" belt sander. These are providing good action Createx paint same pattern as previous post. D2T'd. Action, compared to BDS3, it is a little wider wobble, a little slower and heavier. Haven't fished it yet.
  23. 20160625 203254[1]

    Another shad same as my previous post but with my now famous home made coffin bill. (thanks Mark Poulson) I enhanced my shad pattern and got the lower half shimmering with some Createx Wicked Aluminum, then to the bone colored belly. Also added pearl orange throat and tip of tail. Oh yeah, my dobbed eyes are getting better. I'm using the back end of a drill bit like before but now I am using the cheap acrylic paint, not air brush paint and I am able to get better painted eyes now.
  24. 20160625 203740[1]

    Made this flatside balsa crankbait and used this pre made circuit board type lip from LPO. I have been making my own circuit board lips from the sheet purchased from LPO and they both work great. I used two 1/4" pieces of balsa to make the bait, epoxying them together after channeling them out for my weight and thru wire rig. For a weight I used a mojo weight which I cut in half length wise and had to drill out the center hole a little. Then I used the 19 gage ss wire, cut a long piece, put a twisted eye near the middle then ran both legs up thru my mojo weight, bending one forward tor another twisted line tie eye and the other aft to the rear hook hangar. Drilled 1/4" hole for the weight, seperated the halves and traced out the wires and hangars so I could channel out the balsa to accomodate the harness. Finished with Createx paints. I primer white then paint the bottom half gray and the upper half golden yellow. Scale mesh then paint bone on bottom, smoke the back with greatly reduced pearl black, then add some purple on the shoulder and remove the mesh. May have to enhance the golden yellow some after that but it is making a good shad pattern. Topped with D2T. Sized this similar to the coffin bill we used to get from Bustin Bass Baits or Evergreen on ebay but doesn't seem like we will be able to get them anymore. This works pretty well, even better than the coffin I think but it doesn't go quite as deep. About 5 feet.
  25. wiggle wart fire craw

    Standard fire craw pattern without dark back. Ozark standard.