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Found 26 results

  1. Hi, Well I'm getting started in lure painting, I recently purchased an IWATA ECLIPSE and 3 sets or CREATEX (pearlized, opaque, tropical) paint, I have not yet painted a single lure yet. so my question is did I really need to purchase CREATEX paint or is there other brand name paints that are cheaper that work just as well? HOBBY LOBBY $4.99 per 2oz KINDA PRICEY for me. luckily I came across sets that where much cheaper at COASTAIRBRUSH.COM. So one last question the airbrush I baught was origanally $210 dollars at Hobby Lobby but I had a 40% off coupon. Was purchasing this expensive airbrush needed? OK well I hope I can get those two questions answered. THANK YOU much ahead of time.
  2. Alright guys, I Need all of your help! Does anyone know how to Custom paint a Deps Slide Swimmer 250? I have never tried to paint one and l Really want to learn. Any tips would be very helpful! Thanks Guys, Brad
  3. I am a Canadian who is getting into custom lure painting. However I am having issues finding crankbait blanks that are cost efficient. Purchasing blanks from many of the large US suppliers is quite costly right now with the Canadian dollar at .74 cents to the dollar, before the large shipping costs. I am wondering if anyone knows any cheaper routes I can take to get quality blanks delivered to Canada. I found found numerous sellers on DHgate and Alibaba, but am unsure of their quality and cant justify ordering 100units at MOQ if they're non functional. Thanks in advance
  4. G rosa

    Lizard skin

    A plastic blank painted with water base paint and clear coated with epoxy.
  5. A How To video on painting a Walleye Pattern crankbait
  6. mdojet

    "Antique Treasure Craw"

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  7. Recently ive been looking for an airbrush and compressor that are pretty good but wont break the bank. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. mdojet

    Common Pumpkinseed

    Been trying for sometime to come up with a realistic pumpkinseed pattern. I think Im just about there!!

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  9. mdojet

    Common Pumpkinseed

    Been trying for sometime to come up with a realistic pumpkinseed pattern. I think Im just about there!!

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  10. I was mentioned in the August/September issue of In-Fisherman that just arrived the other day! Stoked!
  11. This is a bait that I recently painted, I call it blue shad. What do you guys think? Feedback is much appreciated Thanks Guys< Brad
  12. This is a Bluegill Colorway I did not to long ago, I feel that bluegill is a harder color for me to paint. Sometimes I just cant seem to pull it off. Any tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks Guys, Brad
  13. Brandlercustoms


    Hey Guys, This is just an idea. Why don't we have a thread in the hard bait section Just for reference photos? I think it would be an awesome idea to have everyone on the forms post there own reference photos, including pictures you have taken of fish you have caught. I think it would be cool to have a bunch of different photos of different fish from different places. What do you guys think? Thanks, Brad
  14. mdojet

    Natural Crappie

    Natural crappie pattern. This was achieved by using Irridescent Pearl white, Transparent May Green, then using an artists sponge dipped in black paint for the crappie markings. Then reduced some black paint for the back and around the eyes as well as slightly over the top sides to enhance the body markings. Great for clear water applications
  15. I hope this link work's having trouble with the attach link button.... I put together a little video of all the pic's I had collecting dust on my computer. I quit painting a few years ago so figured I'd make this just to give you new painters some ideas for pattern's.. If you want to copy any of my pattern's feel free to. I'll ask any question's I can just shoot them to me.. Enjoy....
  16. mdojet

    Neon Crappie

    Neon Crappie pattern for murky water applications.
  17. TruPreyCustomBaits.com truprey@gmail.com
  18. can someone please help me to understand what the h happened to sebile line of crankbaits...I heard they were sold . but why would the company put out this type of trash.....right from china on the back not that china is bad most lures are made there ...but who put this new line in a sebile box should be shot....or at least fired...
  19. This is a SBI Tsunaga Swimbait That I painted in a Dark Rainbow Color. This bait looks very real in the water!
  20. Alright Guys, I need your help! I am new to using epoxy as a clear coat. I have only used it twice and like how it looks. I Cant remember the name of the epoxy I use, its 5 min epoxy I bought from Hobby Lobby for $10.00. What brand Epoxy do you guys use and what would you recommend? Thanks For The Help Guys! Brad
  21. Custom painted RC 2.5 crankbait in Rainbow trout color. Do you guys like this color?
  22. This is a RC 2.5 Crankbait I did in baby bass color. What do you guys think?
  23. Hi, i have started making crankbaits out of basswood and the first few have had a really good action to them and I want to produce them quicker without the use of a duplicator machine. I was wondering if you could share some of the jigs that you use to speed up the process. (Ex. setups for quickly drilling belly holes, lip slots, sanding, etc.)
  24. Does anyone out there know where I can get custom designed lexan crankbait lips fairly cheap? I have a couple of non-standard designs I would like to try out, but I can't find the lengths or shapes I want on any of the "usual" lure making sites, i.e. Barlows, Janns, LPO, etc.
  25. I have searched through the forums and haven't been able to really find what i was looking for so i figured i should just start a new topic and hopefully all you guys will read it and help me out. For the airbrush i was originally looking at the iwata revolution br to use for painting my crankbaits but i looking to see if i could find a little cheaper gun in the iwata brand since i here they are pretty much top of the line. I came across the iwata neo CN gravity feed dual action airbrush. It seems to be pretty good and almost the same as the br. I was just wondering if anyone else has used this brush and had success with it. I was also looking at getting a couple of the harbor freight brushes for spraying glitter and clear coat and was wondering if anyone else has done this. I will post the link to the iwata below http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/neo-cn-gravity-feed-dual-action-airbrush-395327/ Also on compressors i was looking at 2 different ones and i really dont know the difference between them so i was hoping yall would take a look at these to links for me and see if you could see tell me if there would be a difference in performance and which of the ones yall would prefer. Heres the 2 links. http://www.harborfreight.com/1-8-eighth-hp-40-psi-oilless-airbrush-compressor-93657.html http://www.harborfreight.com/1-5-hp-58-psi-compressor-and-airbrush-kit-95630.html Please and thanks to all of yall on TU for yalls great input
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