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Found 5 results

  1. bassjunkiebaits

    Buzz Frogs

    Buzz frogs
  2. bassjunkiebaits

    Buzz Frogs

    Hand poured 3.75 in floating Buzz frog with paddle feet that chatter across the water, reel faster with a little weight and you have a swimming frog just under the surface. Pictured in Green pumpkin with black flake.
  3. bassjunkiebaits

    Buzz frogs

    3.75 in buzz frogs
  4. HickoryHollow

    Eureeka! Floating Soft Plastic!

    I am psyched! Not only because it worked, but because for once, I think I can offer something of value to the forum! I have been reading about soft plastic not floating very well. I have been working on frogs, and yep, they float, but barely and I haven't rigged them yet. I am sure with the addition of a hook, it would pull them right under. I don't like working with micro balloons, and from everything I read, they don't work that well anyway. I spent all day playing, experimenting and pouring frogs. I finely hit on something that really did work. On the shelf, I have thousands of beads from making spinners. Amongst them were some 8mm wooden beads (of course with holes through them. I put a little blob of epoxy over the hole on each end to trap the air inside. I then poured a frog. Just as the plastic got a little thicker, I inserted a bead just behind the shoulder of the frog. It is back far enough to allow for the hook shank and up far enough to allow for the hook through the tail area for a Texas rig. Between the buoyancy of the wood, and the trapped air bubble, they float really nice. Even when pushed to the bottom of the sink, they pop right back up to the surface. With the addition of the hook, I think it will set the head a little above the tail in just the perfect position. I think this is going to work out! Tim
  5. Mr.Nsmith

    Hollow Belly Frogs Chart

    Love 'em Frogs.pdf This pdf has all hollow bellied frogs from Tackle Warehouse based on the price, weight, leg composition, size, company, and name. Hope this will helps to buy some hollow belly frogs on your next purchase. Some elements are not included due to TW didn't put it in the description. So if you know what size or weight it is please update this pdf.. thanks and keep on fishin'. Love 'em Frogs.pdf Love 'em Frogs.pdf Love 'em Frogs.pdf Love 'em Frogs.pdf Love 'em Frogs.pdf Love 'em Frogs.pdf Love 'em Frogs.pdf Love 'em Frogs.pdf