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Found 26 results

  1. My entry for best hand made bait. Please critique. How could this be improved?
  2. 3 Way Hairball Crappie Bodt length: 3-1/2” Overall length: 4-1/4” Weight: 1-3/32 oz. Hooks: #2 and #4 VMC trebles Paint: Createx paint applied by airbrush, sponge, and brush. Buoyancy: slightly negative with a level orientation in water. Sink rate: 2 seconds per foot . Construction: carved birch, dual hinged, 4 dual “v”section swimbait, Through wired to both attachment points with .041 wire. Wood is sealed with superglue, finished with 30 minute epoxy. Fins and tail: split maribou epoxied to topcoat (can be easily replaced). Innovations: True crappie profile 4 wide profile sections in 3-1/2” length swimbait. Dual “V” shaped wooden sections do not allow light to pass through the joint between sections. Through wired hinges and attachment points. Innovative holographic finish (my invention) resembles scales, provides great highlights, and generates a slight color shift. Pictures do not do it justice. Split maribou fins and tail cannot foul on hooks, compress when lure is retrieved, extend and flutter on pause allowing for great life even at rest. They do not inhibit the action of the lure like other materials. Dual attachment points Front attachment: It hunts side to side as jerkbait. It holds depth all the way to boat from 1 to 2 feet. It swims with casual action on retrieve. Rear attachment: Lure hunts side to side and up and down as a jerkbait Lure holds depth all the way to boat from 3-4.5 feet It dives quickly to 3 feet Vigourous swimming action
  3. Hi, I'm sixteen my name is Chase and this is a swimbait that I have been working on for about a month. All the gill plates and details are hand carved and the swimbait is made of pine. Also it is all hand painted by airbrush.
  4. Learn the process of creating a hand carved wood fishing lure. Watch me carve one of my poppers, from start to finish. You will get to see the process of how a wooden surface lure is carved, weighted and hardware added. Everything has been captures up to the point of the lure being ready for painting. This video was shot in one day, starting in the afternoon, and finishing up late at night. I apologize for some of the lighting at the end of the video. This is part one of a two part series. The final sealing of the wood, painting and clear coating of the lure will be covered in part two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERFtkybduDQ
  5. jettsonlures

    School Of Fish

    Here are a few of the surface lures I created. These are 3 3/4" poppers that weigh approximately 1/2 ounce. These don't have hooks yet.

    © Jettson Lure Company, LLC.

  6. jettsonlures

    Waiting On The Dock

    Here is the lure sitting on a dock. I am just about to attach some hooks to it and give a test drive.

    © Jettson Lure Company, LLC.

  7. Here are 5 of the poppers I carved. These are 3 3/4" poppers that weigh approximately 1/2 ounce. These are freshly painted and awaiting their top coat.

    © Jettson Lure Company, LLC.

  8. jettsonlures

    Carved And Ready

    Here are some poppers that are ready to be sealed.

    © Jettson Lure Company, LLC.

  9. Carved this out of a birch dowel. Acrylic paint under epoxy finish.

    © K Bartle 2013

  10. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    another bait chaser.
  11. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    another of my bait chasers.
  12. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    Same bait as the previous picture.
  13. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    I got the idea for this bait from a book on making wooden fishing lures. I changed it some from what the book said but it works great for bass and brook trout as well.
  14. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    This is the third of my wild looking baits.
  15. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack

    Lil Bass

    I like making these. I know they don't look natural, but they reflect a lot of light and I enjoy making them. Tell me what you think.
  16. Well here is the finished product after the rainy weekend with the old guys they decided the color I just did a horrible job of hand painting it. ;-)
  17. So was supposed to go fishing this weekend taking old retired vets and what not... well the weather didn't play nice for a good chunk of it sooo... I found a little piece of wood in the bottom of an old guys junk drawer and got my fillet knife out since I forgot my pocket knife at home... had alot of fun another neighbor in the building came over for a beer and saw what I was doing and went and got a couple pieces of sandpaper... couple hours later we were discussing color schemes lol. It was a blast... I am amazed I didn't cut my finger up making this lol. Who needs to fish when you can hear fishing stories from the back in the day.
  18. This is a lure I made for Captain Bryant of Sanibel Custom Charters in Florida. We went on one of his charters and had a great time. I made it to match his logo on his website.
  19. This is one of my 6" baits with the holographic foil sides.
  20. 7" hand carved darkhouse spearing decoy. Made from northern white cedar. Copper fins and eyes. Weighted to make it a great working decoy.

    © jason michalski

  21. 7" hand carved darkhouse spearing decoy. Made from northern white cedar. Copper fins and eyes. Weighted to make it a great working decoy.

    © jason michalski

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